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Everyone knows the comfort a hot water bottle can offer when sick, in pain, cold, or simply in need of some soothing warmth. Once a staple of childhood and a tool in mom’s magic bag of tricks, the hot water bottle is a comfort staple that transcends childhood and offers comfort to adults, children and seniors alike. 

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Available in a variety of sizes, colors and covers, Fashy hot water bottles are the perfect addition to any home medicine kit. Because they are so multi-functional, Fashy hot water bottles lend themselves to a variety of uses.

Ideal for soothing a fever, relaxing sore muscles or warming up after a chilly winter sledding experience, Fashy hot water bottles offer a hot water bottle for every need you might have. For children that need a little soothing, Fashy offers children’s hot water bottle models that are ribbed and smaller than regular bottles, which makes them perfect for warming up chilly sheets or soothing chills caused by fever.

To make a child’s hot water bottle more fun, parents can choose from a variety of soft, comforting water bottle covers featuring playful patterns like polka dots and plaid. Fashy offers its classic hot water bottle in solid colors for those seeking a retro look.

For adults with unique fashion sense, Fashy offers a fun bottle that features quirky, floating fish that change color with the temperature of the water. Those who want to jazz up their bottle a bit can purchase a hot water bottle with an easy-to-wash cover, available in a variety of patterns and fabrics.

Additionally, since each Fashy cover is completely washable, customers can rest assured that their hot water bottle will always be fresh and ready to use. For those who want an extra-soft finish, Fashy offers cushioned water bottle models that are perfect for comfortable muscle compression or soothing warmth.

Every home needs a hot water bottle in the medicine kit. Perfect for a wide variety of uses, Fashy hot water bottles come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes and finishes. Additionally, Fashy offers a large selection of covers, cases and accessories to fit the needs of every individual.

No longer reserved for children, a hot water bottle promises to add comfort, warmth, healing and support to every household.