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Many people are familiar with American made Nivea creme products, but fewer people have experienced the quality of German Nivea. These important products are a wonderful, classic, and luxurious solution to all of your skin care needs. They are the first key to helping you reveal your radiant and healthy skin. Nivea is the world’s largest producer of skin care products, and its cream is trusted worldwide as a simple and reliable solution to many skin care issues. If you’re looking for the luxury and results found in European skin care products, then our selection of German Nivea items may just be for you.


Known for their innovations in high quality products, our imported personal care selections from Germany are the cream of the crop. When it comes to bath & body and health products, there's no cutting corners as far as Deutschland is concerned. We carry products from Germany because: They Work, They are the Highest Quality and quite frankly, our customers love them.

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  • Authentic German Nivea - It's the Real Thing Nivea Creme

    Nivea Creme - 400ml Item # 5226
    In stock, ready to ship.
  • Authentic German Nivea Nivea Creme

    Nivea Creme - 150ml Item # 5224
    In stock, ready to ship.
    This product ships for $4.50!
  • Authentic German Nivea Nivea Creme

    Nivea Creme - 30ml Item # 5223
    This item is backordered.
    This product ships for $2.95!

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