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Women's Fragrance (Page 9)

Every woman needs a signature fragrance. Thankfully, carries a wide variety of classic, delicate, unique and high-quality fragrances for women. Whether you’re looking for something flowery, something fresh and light or something that embodies the musky scent of a hardwood forest on a rainy day, offers fragrances for many different types of women.

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View All « 9 10 11 12 13 31

Buy one or choose several - the choice is yours and these unique fragrances promise not to disappoint. If you’re a floral lover, consider opting for something light and feminine, such as lavender, peach, or bergamot. Each of these scents is fresh and distinctly lady-like, without being overwhelming. Spritz some onto the wrists or behind the ear for delicate, lasting fragrance that people will come to know.

If musk is more your style, seek out something unique, such as fig tree scent, oak moss, or even an old menswear classic: tweed. Unexpected and characteristic, these scents are perfect for the woman who wants to make her mark on the world. If you’re in the market for something light, airy and fresh, look into options such as a delicate French oceane, green tea or Vervain - one of Provence Sante's most popular fragrances - a mix of lavender, linden and vervain.

For evenings at the theater or a date over dinner, opt for a savory classic like cinnamon, chocolate, or sandalwood. These complex fragrances change as the body warms up and offer a uniquely complex scent experience for both the wearer and those around her.

With so many women’s fragrance options available at, each customer can rest assured that there will be something to fit her unique needs and tastes. Buy one for yourself or for a friend: these perfumes are available in a variety of scents, sizes and price ranges. Opt for a pretty glass bottle for the bathroom shelf or a convenient roll-on for travel or work.

Pick up something fruity and floral for long summer afternoons and something sultry for dinner dates or a night on the town. Whatever you choose, these fragrances for women are sure to provide a unique, exciting and delicate scent experience for many years to come.