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We carry a wide selection of popular badger hair shaving brushes for your convenience. Widely regarded as one of the best materials for a shave brush, badger hair has excellent water retention, softness, and lathering capability.

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View All 1 2 3 4

It is having the best of all worlds that makes this product such a success, and the reason many go straight for badger hair when they want a brush that performs shave after shave. Whether you are new to the wet shave experience or a seasoned veteran, it is never a bad time to shop for an excellent brush.

There are four main categories of badger hair shave brushes. At the top of the pack is the Silvertip. Crafted from the finest hairs on the neck of the animal, these are the most expensive of the bunch. They are also noticeably softer and renowned for their superior performance. For the absolute best shaving experience, there is no better!

Back hairs create the Super line. While not as luxurious as Silvertip brushes, Super still gets an excellent shaving experience with soft hairs that form a great lather with ease. Next is the Best collection, made from the belly of the animal. While slightly stiffer than the superior hairs, it will still get the job done with flying colors.

Lastly, there is the Pure line, made from the remaining hairs. Many people can notice an immediate difference between this and the finer, softer hairs of more expensive models. However, do not let that trick you into thinking Pure brushes are not excellent.

All badger hair shave brushes will provide an amazing lather and shaving experience. If you are on a budget and decide to go for a Pure brush, or willing to splurge on a luxurious Silvertip, you will find the perfect match for you within our collection.

Find the perfect brush for your budget and taste and start enjoying a superior shaving experience every day. Stop your daily shaving routine from being a chore and turn it into something you look forward to! With the gentle touch of badger hair, you will love your shaving time guaranteed.