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For an animal friendly alternative to brushes made using hair, check out our collection of synthetic bristle shaving brushes. Entirely man-made and free of animal products, these are great options for vegans and people who wish to use a brush free of animal hair.

The increasing advancements in technology have allowed these brushes to rival the best animal hair brushes around. They will still provide an excellent experience that will leave you wanting more!

Made to look and feel as much like luxury badger hair brushes as possible, our synthetic shaving brushes are among the top in the world. They have superb water retention and can create a thick, powerful lather every time.

In addition, they are as soft as the brushes you know - and for some, even softer. This will ensure they create a wonderful shaving experience that will leave your skin feeling great day after day.

There are many advantages to using a synthetic shaving brush over traditional animal hair. They are less absorbent, and while this does mean they have lower water retention, it also means they require less soap or cream to create a rich lather.

In addition, they do not have a “break in” period like many animal hair products - they feel and perform great from the first use. Lastly, with a softness that rivals or beats many other popular products, they are gentle on your skin and will leave you completely satisfied shave after shave.

Technology has improved to such a degree that many people would not be able to tell the difference between synthetic and animal hair at first glance. If you want a brush that is reliable, durable, and performs among the best, this is the choice for you.

We have a large selection of designs to suit your style and taste. Make your shaving routine your favorite time of the day with these luxurious products!