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Nivea Creme by Nivea (400ml)

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Authentic German Nivea

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Size: 400ml

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Product Description:

Keep this all-purpose moisturizer on hand to soften dry skin at a moments notice. Many of our customers visit our store just to buy genuine Nivea Cream! A popular European product is now gaining popularity state-side thanks to word-of-mouth rave reviews and recommendations. Great for all skin types. Imported from Germany.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Microcristallina, Glycerin, Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit), Paraffin, Panthenol, Decyl Oleate, Octyldodecanol, Aluminum Stearates, Citric Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Stearate, Parfum, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Linalool, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol.

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MPN: 11324941

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Video: The Q Brothers Review Nivea Creme from Germany

September 18, 2011

Product review of the original German Nivea Creme in a tin. This product is a classic that has been around for 150 years. Don't mistake it for the Nivea in your local drugstore, manufactured in a different country with a different formula. This is the real deal! Accept no imitations.

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German Nivea Cream on

October 21, 2014

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About Nivea:

Many people are familiar with American made Nivea creme products, but fewer people have experienced the quality of German Nivea Creme. These important products are a wonderful, classic, and luxurious solution to all of your skin care needs. From Shaving, Hair Care & Face Care.They are the first key to helping you reveal your radiant and healthy skin. Find German Nivea Reviews, Special offers and Coupons at Smallflower. Try Nivea Men & Nivea Body Care products today!

5.0 28
love it This formulation is great Keeps my face in good shape without getting greasy
5 5 1
Nivea cream I really like the cream Very creamy and makes your skin feel very soft Would purchase again but it lasts a long time
5 5 1
Nivea Creme Great product and quick shipment The only place I could find Nivea Creme made in Germany Thank you
5 5 1
Nivea Cream (Original) I bought this original German Nivea Cream first because Ix27d heard from many sources how the German brand Nivea was not like the American version That it was thicker and less oily That you could even use on face Then I hear that Smallflowers is the place to get it Well I could not be happierThe cream was just as described and worked and felt so good and shipping was fairly quickIx27ll order again and I would recommend
5 5 1
Nivea Great customer service great delivery speed
5 5 1
Love my Nivea cream I recently received my Nivea cream and it is wonderful
5 5 1
Wonderful This stuff is magic I put it on my skin the first night after I received it the next morning my skin looked great It seems to have a bit of a plumping effect Game changer for me
5 5 1
Amazing! Best moisturizing product out there
5 5 1
LOVE IT!!! Great difference between the german formula and mexican formula this one is not oily at all penetrates in your skin making it soft Awesome product this is the real thing its worth getting this one than the one from your local drug store
5 5 1
I'M IN LOVE! I finally went ahead and decided to purchase the German version Nivea happy I did OMG I got the cutest tin ever my 400ml can had a adorable design on the cover a little girl in bed propped up on a bunch of pillows with her toy rabbit and what looks like goose feathers floating around call me corny but I fell in love instantly I tried the creme itx27s very similar to the Mexican version the major difference is the German version is far less greasy The moisturizing properties are amazing It sinks right into your skin without the annoying greasy after feel A little certainly goes a long way I LOVE IT Not to mention the adorable tin Ix27ll be using this product as long as Smallflower carries it
5 5 1
Original recipe I love this cream It is an exceptional moisturizer Some people are not ready for the thick consistency and white color that are its characteristics The color disappears and the thickness is due to the mosture retaining qualities not found in the Mexican version It softens and protects the skin It also works well on skin chapped by the cold The redness disappears I would not waste my money on thin useless creams and will only buy Nivea made in Germany It is extremely difficult to buy this elsewhere Some people have purchased the cream on sites like Amazon that states the vendor will send you only Nivea made in Germany However if you read the reviews the item was not from Germany per the product information on the tin You can trust this supplier to send you the real thing
5 5 1
Nivea Creme from Germany is the Best!! Nivea Creme from Germany is the best moisturizer My Grandmother used to bring this back to my Mom from visiting Germany The smell hasnx27t changed which reminds me of my childhood asking to use it I have tried so many body moisturizers and recently went back to this and I am so happy I did I am 53 and have better looking skin then my 16 year old daughter It is excellent
5 5 1
thank you! Been using Nivea for a bit and just realized there were different formulas My small tin is the one from Mexico My large tin is from Thailand exported from Germany I bought the large tin some time ago and when I compared the two realized how oily the small tin was compared to the creaminess of the large tin So happy I found this site Now I never have to be without my Germany import again
5 5 1
The best there is... I hunted high and low for the original formula and found Smallflower If your going to spend moneymake sure to get the large container because your going to use it more than you think I looked at pricey facial moisturizer just to be led back to the original Nivea It works wonders on dry skin and if you have a white cast of lotionthen you have used way too mucha little goes a long way To apply itrub first in your hands to warm it and then apply to whereverSo glad that the formula hasnx27t changed since the days of my grandparents time and hopes that it never will
5 5 1
My New Daily Moisturizer This stuff is incredible totally different from the formula made in Mexico for sale in the US Ix27ve been using it as facial moisturizer every morning for the last 6 months and Ix27ve only used about half of the 400ml tin I havenx27t been able to find anything else that works as well I consider it a musthave
5 5 1
love it...the best I have used this forever I used to go to Fields as a teen to buy my cream I would get the smaller size for my purse When I married in 1990 i bought my husband for our first xmas gift the largest sizehe loved it Now my tradition is to always buy him his cream as his gift He really treasures his creams Now my kids give it to his dad for xmas Thanks for always having them for us
5 5 1
The real deal I love that I can finally find the Made in Germany Nivea online Ix27ve been buying tins of it from airport duty free shops whenever I travel through Europe or Dubai and itx27s a relief to not have to quotrationquot my supply anymore THANK YOU Merz Apothecary for carrying the real deal I used La Mer face cream for a while but it was just too expensive for me Using this Nivea feels just as good if not better because it has the same consistency as La Mer Make sure to warm it up between your fingers and pat it on your face do not rub straight out of the tin The fragrance is fresh and familiar Use it liberally at night and youx27ll wake up to bright almost plumper skin
5 5 1
Another Great Nivea Product Fantastic stuff Ix27ve used other Nivea products and have never been disappointed Have heard wonderful things about their cream and thought Ix27d try it and itx27s really great Itx27s super thick so you donx27t need much and it doesnx27t feel heavy or greasy It has the faintest scent which is really nice and light almost lemony I guess Also absorbs quickly I will happily purchase this again
5 5 1
Excellent! Ix27m an avid NIVEA fan of any version sold worldwide However I prefer the German NIVEA hands down The NIVEA that is made in Germany does not have some of the preservatives that NIVEA made elsewhere has and it moisturizes my skin without the greasy after feeling that some of the other versions tend to impart It smells the same worldwide in my opinion but the feeling on the skin is what differs I usually order NIVEA Crme and NIVEA Soft from Germany and any other scented NIVEA lotion from Japan If you havenx27t tried the scented Japanese NIVEA lotions I encourage you to Thank you Merz Apothecary for selling the German NIVEA on your website
5 5 1
Fantastic product If people have never used Nivea and I am surprised if there are any of those people out there they do not know what they are missing since it works for almost any problem you have well not quotanyquot but a large number of themTHANKS NIVEA I HAVE BEEN USING YOU FOR A LIFETIME WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT
5 5 1
Nivea cream. Import from Germany. Very thick cream lotion Extremely moisturizing I like it for face and body Smells great and skin feels good after its on
5 4 1
Now a Creme I was not prepared to love this creme but I do I use to turn up my nose at creme that has been around since Grandmax27s time thinking new scientific cream was better I love this stuff it makes my skin feel like silk
5 5 1
The product is excellent The product is excellent
5 5 1
My new favorite moisturizer! I was in need of a new moisturizer I have incredibly dry and sensitive skin and have tried every high end moisturizer I could get my hands on I decided to give this a try and Im so happy I did This Creme is so gentle on my skin and keeps it hydrated and glowy all day I also put it on at night and my skin is so soft and moisturized by morning which NEVER happens I love the smell of this Creme too its not at all overpowering It just smells refreshing and clean I get awful migraines from overpowering scents so this is perfect Thank you Smallflower for having this available
5 5 1
Good and reliable I have been ordering Nivea cream from Smallflower for several years now to get the German formulation I love itAnd it is always delivered very timely and reliably
5 5 1
Nivea cream Great creamQuick shippinggreat companywhich I could shop in person looks like a great place Thank you for the samples too
5 5 1
Nivea creme Love the product Have been using it since I was a kid
5 5 1
Awesome Awesome
5 5 1