Nordic Noir Eau de Parfum

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An Olfactive Feat

Origin : Italy

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Nordic Noir is bewitching. A woody-spicy fragrance of unlimited, androgynous dimension, Nordic Noir is strange and lovely. Immediately it presents a duality; it’s chilling yet vivacious.

Cardamom is quietly in evidence, and its presence more stylistic than literal. The hot-cold duality of this spice is the model for Nordic Noir’s dichotomous flair, and only slowly do we register cardamom’s scent as an actual note.

Rosemary is tangy, its earthy vivacity registering an almost plummy sweetness. Ginger showers a shimmering, sensitive light onto orris root, which begins to melt. As orris sounds a low murmur that’s buttery and sensuous, two types of mint proceed to both mute and magnify orris’s persuasive, purple vocals.

Mint highlights the powdery pastille sweetness of orris, while spicy mint mottles orris’s pristine beauty. As spicy mint marrs orris, heliotrope seeps forth, a caramel liquid slick of deliciousness. Heliotrope’s sugar is smartly curtailed by soothing, skin-friendly vanilla and a downy, ephemeral musk.

Cedarwood is a final flash of action; through its dulcet smoke we glimpse the whole of Nordic Noir, illuminated by an effervescent halo of sandalwood. Hot and cold, sweet and powdery yet bitter and crisp, this fragrance neatly encapsulates divergent realities. Perhaps we could call this scent an olfactive rendering of When The Robbers Came To Cardamom Town: Nordic Noir is an unlikely story with an even more unlikely happy ending. Like a steaming hot cardamom knot (that’s intact) topped by a drift of (unmelting) snow, Nordic Noir is a delightful olfactive feat.

(cardamom, rosemary, ginger, orris root, mint, spicy mint, heliotrope, vanilla, musk, cedar, sandalwood)
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NORDIC NOIR is a scented tribute to the artistic mystery and beauty of the dark and cold season of the north. The art that grows under the great dark blue skies and the harsh conditions that influence the way AGONIST works. The cold Scandinavia has never smelled so good. `Nordic Noir captures the mood of the cold season, which defines Sweden.` Today AGONIST is regarded as one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes. With a distinct focus on details, artistic expression, and raw material, AGONIST creates unisex fragrances in collaboration with renowned perfumers—based on natural ingredients.
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