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Origin : Oman

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Would you love to try Dia Woman Eau de Parfum? Order a sample and ensure it`s the right fragrance for you. With Smallflower`s convenient sample program, you can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.

Samples are either packaged by the perfume house, or hand-poured here at Smallflower and presented in a 0.7 ml size (each 1 ml vial is filled 3/4 full for ease of application).

Please note: The color of the fragrance in the sample vial you receive may differ from the image shown.

About Dia Woman Eau de Parfum:
Dia Woman is non-stop elegance, luxury day wear, that is both vibrant and sophisticated. Fig is an effervescent burst at the top of this fragrance, its sweet, milky pop accompanied by the fresh, dewy minerality of cyclamen. Bergamot is cast as a secondary top note, which enables it to suffuse the first stages of this scent with its tart, enlivening effect, an intelligent, alternate positioning of this classic top note.

Tarragon is tangy and slightly lactic, like an floral herb that is bleeding a milky, aromatic sap. Sage is less seen than felt, a clarifying note that provides a natural musky base into which these top notes are absorbed and compressed into one sinuous ribbon of light. This satin stream of light weaves and wraps the flowers that compose the heart of Dia Woman.

Violet leaves, a piquant, searing energy pair with the dulcet, blushing sweetness of bush peach blossom. Rose is long stemmed, romantic wonder that is remarkably bright and clean yet as smooth and rich as satin. Orange flower is spicy and slightly animalic, imparting a subtle, pleasing heat. Peony is green and luminous, an aqueous refreshment. Orris is dusky and buttery, a perfect darker note on which to end this floral parade.

White musk makes these blooms float, so that Dia Woman seems to hover above skin, an aura of beauty and grace. Frankincense is an invisible note that highlights the floral elegance of Dia Woman by grounding it in an earthy, herbal base. Vanilla and heliotrope assist in fusing sweet blooms with spicy, sizzling smoke, like dry, aromatic cedar wood.

Sandalwood`s beam of green surges up and through the entirety of Dia Woman, making this richly layered scent eminently wearable. Guaiac wood reinforces sandalwood`s aerating surge, and contributes a dry heat that makes this fragrance as light as a cloud.

A perfect compliment to Amouage Gold, Dia Woman is a classical, floral composition that feels impossibly fresh and awake. Infinitely appealing, Dia Woman defines a luminous, proud femininity.

(fig, cyclamen, bergamot, tarragon, sage, violet leaves, bush peach blossom, rose oil, orange flower, peony, orris, white musk, frankincense, vanilla, heliotrope, cedarwood, sandalwood, gaiac wood)
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