Breathe Again Hypertonic Sea Water Nasal Spray

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Natural Seawater for Clear Nasal Passages

Origin : USA

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Breathe Again is a simple and safe hypertonic saline nasal spray. Clinically tested in France, this 100% natural solution combines the benefits of pure seawater and the drying effect of a hypertonic solution. Harvested from Eurpoe`s purest tidal seawater off the coast of Saint Malo, France, the superior and unique nasal spray can be used for allergy prevention, nasal congestion, sinus problems and nasal hygiene.

With its minerals and trace elements, this natural seawater closely mimics the body`s cell chemistry. By natural osmosis, this hypertonic solution draws congestion from sinuses, as it cleans, clears and rejuvenates nasal passages, helping you to comfortably Breathe Again.
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Sodium Chloride 2.0% (seawater-derived) & purified water.
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