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Badedas Classic Bubble Bath (New Formula) by Badedas (25.5oz Bubble Bath)

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A Bestseller For Over 30 Years!

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Size: 25.5oz bubble bath

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Product Description:

You might say that Badedas Classic Bubble Bath from Germany is the one that started it all. The Badedas formula was copied by Vitabath when it initiated the bubble bath craze here in the U.S. in the 80's. But savvy travelers and bathers in the know have been seeking out this hard-to-find favorite for decades.

The updated formula leaves your bath more naturally clear, but still contains horse chestnut, cedar wood and light patchouli, to leave your skin revitalized, moisturized and smelling wonderful.

Product Details:

Ingredients: aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, picea mariana oil, aesculus hippocastanum extract, parfum, cocamidopropyl betaine, citric acid, propylene glycol, limonene, sodium lactate, dipropylene glyclol, trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate, linalool, glucose, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, CI 15985, Cl42090

EAN: 8711600846616

MPN: D-10071

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October 20, 2011

Learn the history of the best selling bubble bath in our store - the original Badedas from Germany. With a clean scent and rich foam, Badedas is the product that started the bubble bath trend in the US.

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About Badedas:

Originating from the Black Forests of Germany, Badedas bath products have been bathing and pampering Europeans for over thirty years with a woodsy fragrance characterized by horse chestnut, cedar wood and light patchouli.

4.0 23
Badedas Bubble Bath is BETTER than advertised! Would give it SIX STARS Just a little is all you need
5 5 1
Clear green gel I donx27t take baths very often so only buy a bottle of Badedas every few years This most recent bottle seemed a bit different than I remembered though I have been assured that there has been no change in formula The product is a clear green gel that doesnx27t impart much color to the bathwater It does make a pretty good shower gel and thatx27s how wex27re using it now I wonx27t be purchasing it again
5 3 1
Not the same I have been using basdedas for almost 10 years and the recent reformulation is disappointing Why take a winner like the original and make it into something that is not what we would buy if advertised as such The color is pale almost yellow it does not foam up like the original and the scent is not the same and does not last very long I bought a six pack and would love to return it and pick up some of my other old stand by German bath products This is one I will not be purchasing in the future
5 1 1
New Formula is horrible Ix27ve used the Badedas bubble bath for at least 10 years However I noticed on my most recent shipment that the color was a little darker but it remained clear in the water It produced fewer bubbles what it did produce didnx27t last very long Ix27ve given it out every year as Christmas gifts as well Even the recipients noticed the change in the product
5 1 1
New Formula Terrible I have been buying Badedas for 30 years They have completely ruined it Until they change the formula back to their original I am not buying it again So sad to lose one of my real favorites I wondered why it was cheap all of a sudden Now I know
5 1 1
The Best Consistently excellent the best bubble bath I have ever tried Revitalizing and refreshing
5 5 1
Not Classic This is not the classic green stuff that smells good and turns the water green The new formula is horrible none of the classic smell or water coloring Donx27t spend your money on this Please bring back the original formula
5 1 1
the best Great scent lots of bubbles and green water I love the foresty balsamy aroma Recommend
5 5 1
My wife's favorite My wife used this soap over a decade ago while we were on our honeymoon in England and Ix27ve loved the smell of it ever since
5 5 1
Wow! The scent on this product is amazingall I can say is try it and youx27ll see My family loves the smell of the bathroom whenever anyone uses this soap
5 5 1
Best Bubble Bath Ever The reviews you read are true This is the best bubble bath ever Not only does Badedas smell wonderful woodsy and green perfect for men who like a little bubble in their bath too it makes great foamy bubbles leaves your skin feeling soft and DOES NOT leave a sticky gummy oily mess in the tub Worth every penny
5 5 1
Why change something that is perfect? Ix27ve been buying Badedas Classic from Merz for years I just cracked open a bottle from my latest shipment Something has changed The new formula no longer has the fresh and herbforest smell of the old formula The color in the water is blueish not the green of the old formula This is no longer the wonderful product it used to be
5 2 1
Zero Stars for New Formula! Have no illusions The new formula is not the Badedas that some people remember from decades back I have recently purchased yearly supply of Badedas and had to return because the product is nothing like the classic one was different color different consistency and cheap smell Look for alternatives ZERO STARS from me
5 1 1
Product has changed I have been a Badedas fan for years I looked forward to its wonderful scent color and bubbles everyday THE PRODUCT IS NO LONGER THE SAME PRODUCT Why change such an iconic favorite Even though Smallflower assured me this was the original classic it is not The formula has changed They have lost a loyal customer in me I will not longer buy this product and neither should you unless you want to be sorely disappointed Shame on Badedas
5 1 1
New Formula is a Huge Disappointment! I was using the original Badedas for many years until the owners have recently changed the formula It is nothing like the old one in color fragrance consistency and bubble duration I will not be using the new formula and have switched to other brands What a disappointment for the faithful customers
5 1 1
New formula Long time fans of Badedas should be forewarned that the formula has changed in recent years The new formula has the same fragrance but is much less concentrated It is as though they have diluted the old formula tenfold with clear shower gel I now mix in a portion of Algemarin bath gel to enhance the aroma and color Sad that they had to mess with such a classic formula
5 3 1
Simply the best There is no turning back once you have tried this bubble bath Virtually every other kind is inferior you can try the shea butter typesetc kinds of bubble baths and they will pale in comparison The most delicious intoxicating scent and beautiful silky water I just ordered more
5 5 1
Different formula This is not the classic formula and it is inconceivable why Unilever refuses to acknowledge that they have changed the product They even lied to Smallflower claiming therex27s been no alteration in the product Perhaps they can fool some people but they canx27t fool us all This product is no better than the cheap shower gels available at any drugstore
5 1 1
grandmakate This bubble bath is wonderful to use and smells fabulous I have used it for over 40 years
5 5 1
Badedas Excellent product which I first used in 1982 when on a vacation in Germany with my teenage children Glad I found it again at Smallflower
5 5 1
Badedas -- The Real Thing This is the REAL Badedas The product manufactured for distribution in the USA is not even close no scent not sudsy We will only buy our Badedas here where we know wex27ll get the real thing
5 5 1
Badedas I love this product I used it when I lived in Germany
5 5 1
Badedas Bubble Bath Ive used this product for almost 50 years I discovered it in Germany in the 60s while on a business trip
5 5 1