Lavender No. 1 Eau de Parfum

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Contemporary & Cool Woodsy Floral

Origin : England

Scent : Lavender

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A contemporary version of an English classic, Lavender No. 1 boasts cut green leaves, lavender, and florals. A fresh, woody base leaves a captivating trail of summer meadows…transparent, clean, and subtle.

This eau de parfum fragrances the skin and also has the added benefits of carefully chosen natural extracts to condition and moisturise the skin. Ideal for everyday use. Created with 92% natural ingredients.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - soothes and moisturises the skin
Chamomile - soothing and beneficial for dry, sensitive skin
Glycerine - natural humectant to help seal in moisture
Lavender Oil - soothing and calming, believed to increase cellular activitity
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