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Infinity Greens Bar by Billy's Infinity Greens (2.4oz Bar)

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Elite Nutrition For Anywhere, Anytime!

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Size: 2.4oz bar

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Product Description:

  • Fully nourish with crucial vitamins, minerals & enzymes
  • 2000mg Omega 3 healthy fats per serving
  • 4000mg Infinity Greens in every bar
  • No! - sugar, soy, gluten, dairy free
  • 100% organic, vegan, raw, wildcrafted
  • Antioxidant and Enzyme Rich
  • The best energy bars on earth!

From Billy: ''Infinity Greens now has the best Super-Food Bar on earth! My quest for making the best Super-Food Bars actually started back in my raw food chef days at Life Cafe. I would make a batch of bars to be sold in the cafe every day, and gradually was able to get nutrition and flavor to a level that far surpassed any bar; they were a hit in the community! My bars were a restaurant item that everyone talked about and specifically stopped in for. When I saw the marvelous effects they had on friends and family, my green super-food blend in the bars quickly became the highest priority which required my full focus.

Following my passion, I spent 5 years carefully studying thousands of personal trials of my greens formulas with guests at the world renowned Ashram health retreat in Calabasas.

It was the guests at the Ashram that reignited my interest to make my Superfood bars once again. In my nutrition classes clients would often ask what they should do for snacks and if there was a healthy bar that I would recommend. I always would regretfully have to say 'no'. A healthy afternoon snack is so important and I always wanted to be able to suggest something more than just sprouted almonds and prunes (still great, gotta love em'). I would often scan the bars at Whole Foods to see if there were any 'healthy' bars that met my approval. But no! I've always been so disappointed at the processed junk all of these companies were calling natural and healthy products!

This is when my personal quest started to innovate a Super-Food Bar that was actually good for you considering that virtually all the energy bars or protein bars I researched, at the food manufacturer level, turned out to be made with profit in mind instead of your health first. I decided 'OK, that's it... this has gone on long enough... my mission is to create the ultimate healthy bar from the highest end superfoods on earth... and that would taste amazing, so even kids would eat it!' I knew already that I had the perfect superfood formula, (Folks, no other product compares to my formula!), and now I wanted a bar that would be a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of all my healing superfoods.

And we did it. It was over 2 years of trial and error that I was able to get such a nutritious bar to taste so good! The taste and nutrition are incomparable to what you will find at any store. Why am I so confident in our bars? I formulate all my products from ingredients that are from the best sources around the world... no short cuts, fillers, or second grade ingredients... PERIOD! We source the finest quality raw and certified organic ingredients on the planet (this is my Infinity promise to you). And each Infinity Greens bar is packed with 8000 mg of superfoods... that's equivalent to one rounded teaspoon!

I strongly encourage you to try the new Infinity Greens bar! It really is the perfectly healthy, highly nutritious snack or 'quick meal on the go'!

I promise you'll love it!''

Product Details:

Ingredients: THE ELITE INGREDIENTS: Organic Almond Butter, Organic Honey, Organic Dates, Organic Sprouted Flax-seeds, Organic Bio-dynamic Raisins, Organic Infinity Greens (Spirulina*, Stinging Nettles*, Nopal Cactus*, Maca Root*, Chlorella*, Horsetail*, Flax Seeds*, Burdock Root*, E3 Klamath Algae*, Kelp*, Ginger*, Dulse*, Goji Berries*, Acai Berry*, Chia Seeds*, Stevia Leaf*, Himalayan Salt Crystals*, Cayenne*), Sprouted Brown Rice Protein*, Organic Sesame Seeds and lots of Love! *=Organic Certified by Indiana Certified Organic (ICO)

UPC: 899034001028

MPN: SF10073475

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About Billy's Infinity Greens:

Billy Merritt is head of the Nutrition Department at the world famous Ashram Health Retreat in Malibu, California where he developed his signature method for effective weight loss, detox, thyroid health, and nutrient assimilation. After ten years of research and development, coupled with soulful dedication to the craft of creating the best superfood formula possible, he has developed a line of deeply nourishing, revitalizing, and health-transforming superfoods, provided by Mother Nature. It is his vision and promise that such "gifts" from a loving and providing Universe will support you in manifesting excellent health: a quality of life that is yours naturally.