Liver Gallbladder Drops (Formerly Milk Thistle Complex)

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Origin : Switzerland

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Formerly known as Milk Thistle Complex, this exclusive formula by A. Vogel combines Milk Thistle seeds, Artichoke, Dandelion herb and root, Boldo leaves and Peppermint leaves to support healthier liver and gallbladder function, supports fat digestion, and supports the liver in handling toxins.
Ingredients +

Milk Thistle (seed) extract 147 mg *
Globe Artichoke (aerial part) (fresh) extract 211 mg *
Dandelion (entire plant) (fresh) extract 55 mg *
Boldo (leaves) extract 32 mg *
Peppermint (leaves) (fresh) extract 14 mg *
Other Ingredients: Alcohol 62% v/v

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