Treating Chronic Back Pain

March 12, 2013

Posted by Smallflower

Suffer from Back Pain? You Are Not Alone.

Pain in the lower back affects up to 90% of American's at some point in their lifetime. It is second only to the common cold as the reason for lost days at work. America spends about $50 billion on lower back pain every year!!

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is not a specific disorder in itself. It is a symptom that usually occurs for one or more of three different reasons:

1. Mechanical problems such as disc degeneration, herniated disc, or muscle tension.
2. Injuries including fractures, muscle sprains, and ligament damage.
3. Medical conditions like arthritis or kidney stones. Pregnancy would also fall under this category.

Natural, Affordable Solutions

Regardless of the cause of your specific back pain, one thing's for sure-- it's painful. Lots of customers ask us for safe, natural solutions that don't cost us an arm and a leg... or in this case, a back! Here's two things we use and recommend you try too.

Kytta Salbe

A recent study showed the use of a comfrey root ointment for back pain, and the results were outstanding. Here's the link to the study published on WebMD.
1. In previous studies, Comfrey Root extract has been effective in ankle sprains and arthritic knee pain.
2. In this most recent double blind placebo-controlled study on back pain as published on WebMD, the participants who rubbed 4g of an ointment containing comfrey root extract 3 times a day for 5 days saw a 95% reduction in pain!
3. Comfrey's latin name is "symphytum" which means drawing together, and the common name for the herb is Knitbone. Use comfrey root ointment topically after fractures, surgeries, and for joint and muscle pain on unbroken skin.
4. Use comfrey externally, because it contains alkaloids that a toxic to the liver when taken internally.

We hope you find these products as useful as we do, and we're sure your back will be back in no time!

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