10 Reasons To Try A Shampoo Bar

10 Reasons To Try A Shampoo Bar

August 05, 2020

Shampoo bars are the latest new essential you need in your shower routine. If your hair is an integral part of your signature look, you definitely need to consider making the switch to a shampoo bar. These convenient and concentrated bars are packed with beneficial ingredients to add more bounce, hydration, and shine to your tresses. 

Not to mention, they’re lightweight, low-waste and easy to tote around to the gym and take on road trips or other travel adventures. There are so many ways to make the case for ditching liquid shampoos in favor of a more sustainable option. We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons that people have made the switch to a shampoo bar. 

1. They save you money. 

Shampoo bars last longer than liquid shampoo, saving you cash. On average a shampoo bar is equal to 2-3 full bottles of liquid shampoo, which could last you so much longer. This makes shampoo bars much more affordable hair care options. 

2. They use less packaging.

Most liquid shampoos are packaged in large plastic bottles. These bottles are often not made from recycled material, nor are they usually recycled after use. This can create  a huge waste issue. Solid shampoo requires very little packaging. They typically come in a small cardboard box which can be recycled. 

3. It's just the good stuff. 

Liquid shampoos are formulated to contain up to 90% water. 90% WATER?! Not only are you paying for something containing very few beneficial ingredients, but shipping water all over the country and even the world is extremely detrimental  to your carbon footprint. A concentrated shampoo bar contains only the beneficial ingredients you need to see real changes in your hairs health and appearance. 

4. Most liquid shampoos are filled with sulfates. 

Sulfates make great cleansers for clothes, countertops, and for industrial purposes but we don't need to use soap on our scalps. They dry and strip the scalp of necessary oils while causing damage to our hair. Yes, sulfates clean our hair, but even “natural” sulfates derived from coconut also strip all the healthy oils that exist naturally in your hair. A great shampoo bar should be sulfate-free (or soap-free), allowing you to feel squeaky clean while also being gentle on your delicate microbiome. 

10 Reasons To Try A Shampoo Bar

5. It makes traveling easier. 

Traveling with hair care products a breeze when you switch to a shampoo bar. You can take a shampoo bar through airport security. You don't have to purchase multiple travel size bottles of everything and it can't leak in your luggage, making shampoo bars far more travel-friendly.

6. Use it down to the very last bit. 

When we get to the end of a bottle of liquid shampoo, we often store them upside down leaning against the wall of a shower, hoping that the last bit will drip down and you can use as much as possible. But no matter what you do, you end up wasting some. With a solid shampoo bar, use it down to a sliver and then keep using it until it disappears!

7. You can use it to wash your beard too.

While most liquid shampoos should only be used for your hair, a sulfate-free solid shampoo bar can be used as an all-purpose body bar and it's especially good for the hair on our faces, where we have our thinnest and most sensitive skin.

8. It's super bubbly. 

A great solid shampoo should generate a super rich and thick lather. A shampoo bar with a perfect formula will be sulfate-free and have a lather as good as (if not better than) the lather of liquid shampoos. 

9. You can ditch your conditioner.

In addition to effectively cleaning your hair, excellent sulfate free solid shampoos also leave your hair incredibly soft. 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bars leave no waxy residue and allow people to slowly scale back on the amount of conditioner they use, eventually stopping it altogether. This will save you time and money, and saves our planet from even more single-use plastic waste! Win win!

10. It’s better for your color-treated hair.

The sulfates in typical shampoos and shampoo bars can be so strong, they inadvertently cause your color to fade. This happens when they penetrate the hair’s cuticle, stripping your natural oils and drying out your hair. If your hair is dry, your color will lack vibrancy. But stripping your hair of oil is what makes it feel clean, right? Yes, but sulfates are too efficient at cleansing. You actually need some oil to keep your hair nice and hydrated. Hydrated hair attracts color, and that’s what gives you the high-shine you’re looking for!

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