The 2018 Smallflower Father's Day Gift Guide

The 2018 Smallflower Father's Day Gift Guide

May 23, 2018

There are so many different kinds of Dads out there that sometimes shopping for the special guy in your life can feel a little overwhelming. Not everyone's content with corny ties and "World's Best Dad" mugs! Smallflower is proud to offer a wide array of one-of-a-kind men's products that work well as presents for all sorts of fellas. Father's Day is coming up on June 17th this year, so don't delay -- check out our gift guide below!

The Design Dad

The ShaveBowl 3-in1 shaving bowl in white

The ShaveBowl

The strikingly simple ShaveBowl combines three functions, so Dad can store soap, display a razor and shave brush, and create a velvety lather all with one product! by ShaveBowl | $27 | Shop Now → Brushed Chrome Futur Adjustable Safety Razor by Merkur

Futur Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor

Your Pops won’t be able to resist the minimalist appeal of this practical yet stylish razor made from brushed chrome and designed to last a lifetime. by Merkur | $89.10 | Shop Now → A bright blue bottle of Histoires de Parfums This is Not a Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum

This is Not a Blue Bottle Eau de Parfum

Your artsy Dad will love the nod to Rene Magritte in the name of this scent, and the strikingly simple and brightly hued bottle will delight his designer instincts. by Histoires de Parfums | $105 | Shop Now → The dark tortoiseshell Bixby Fine Tooth Comb

Tobacco Fine-Tooth Comb

This handsome comb is carved from a single piece of dynamic tortoiseshell acetate and comes with a sleek tin travel case. by Bixby Brand | $24 | Shop Now →

The Bearded Dad

A jar of Jao Brand BeardScent beard balm


Pamper your Papa's facial hair with this luxurious blend of shea butter, botanical extracts, and nourishing oils that condition and soften. The essential oil-based scent will leave him smelling woodsy and divine. by Jao Brand | $28 | Shop Now → A box containing the Kent BRD2 Beard Brush & dust bag

BRD2 Beard Brush

Keeping his beard smooth and sleek will be a breeze with this handsome brush from Kent. Plus, the vintage-styled box and cotton bag are great for gifting. by Kent | $48 | Shop Now → A bottle of D.S. & Durga Burning Barbershop Eau de Parfum

Burning Barbershop Eau de Parfum

The smell of an old-timey barbershop (think clean, herbal notes) mixed with a deeper, smoky intensity will delight the bearded fella in your life. by D.S. & Durga | $175 | Shop Now → Bluebeards Original Beard Wash

Original Beard Wash

Dad deserves better than plain old shampoo for his mighty beard! This Beard Wash is specially created for the cleansing needs of facial hair. by Bluebeard's Original | $14 | Shop Now →

The Hipster Dad

Malin + Goetz Leather Perfume Oil Roll-On & box

Leather Roll-On Perfume Oil

Inspired by 19th century aristocrats scenting their leather goods with spicy perfumes, this fragrance seamlessly blends old-fashioned sophistication and modern sensibilities -- perfect for the trend-forward father. by Malin + Goetz | $52 | Shop Now → A gray matte canvas bag from Defy Bags Chicago

Gray Wax Canvas Gear Kit

The edgy, unrefined look of this Chicago-made bag will delight the hipster dad. As a bonus, the wax-treated exterior is waterproof, making this a great choice for traveling or gym kits. by Defy Bags | $39 | Shop Now → A black & metallic square bottle of Kerosene R'Oud Elements Eau de Parfum

R'Oud Elements Eau de Parfum

Industrial design inspiration and a unique, powerful blend of warm, woodsy notes makes this scent a standout piece in Dad's collection. by Kerosene | $140 | Shop Now → A brown bar of Kala Cedarwood Bar Soap with a carving of an axe

Cedarwood Bar Soap

A bright, woodsy scent! Manly axe imagery! What could be more appropriate for a dad who loves of-the-moment design? by Kala | $8.50 | Shop Now →

The Luxe Dad

A white jar with blue detailing of Boellis Panama 1924 Coffret Shave Soap

Panama 1924 Coffret Shave Soap

This luxury shave soap is housed in a ceramic coffret that's been double-fired and hand-painted in Italy. The soap within is lightly scented and made with natural ingredients that provide a velvety lather. by Boellis | $95 | Shop Now → A bottle & box of Floris 1988 Special Edition Eau de Parfum

1988 Eau de Parfum

A new addition to the line of Floris classics, this scent sparkles with citrus top notes that develop into an herbal, woodsy base. Dad will love the simple sophistication and classic confidence it imparts. by Floris | $190 | Shop Now → A dark wood and carbon steel straight razor from Theirs Issard

889 Red Stamina Bison Straight Razor

This finely crafted razor will last Dad a lifetime! With sleek dark wood and an elegantly carved carbon steel blade, it's as attractive as it is effective. by Thiers Issard | $225 | Shop Now → A white Super Badger chubby shave brush by Simpsons

Chubby CH2 Super Badger Shave Brush

This is the shave brush, acknowledged as the finest available for wet shaving. The luxury-loving Dad will appreciate the densely packed and sublimely soft super badger hair. by Simpsons | $261.40 | Shop Now →

The Jokester Dad

A brown bottle of Haslinger Bier Shampoo

Bier Shampoo

Dad will think that this beer-shaped bottle is a hoot, and yes -- it's made with real beer! The shampoo within promotes softness and shine, so he can look forward to many future good hair days. by Haslinger | $14.95 | Shop Now → A clear rectangular bottle of Fat Electrician Eau de Parfum by Etat Libre d'Orange

Fat Electrician Eau de Parfum

Goofy name, great scent! It evokes the feel of an antique cologne forgotten for years, only to be unearthed and beloved by those who appreciate a strong and profound vetiver. by Etat Libre d'Orange | $42 | Shop Now → An off-white box containing the Rockwell Razors Beard Bib

Beard Bib

You can laugh all you want at the idea of your Pops wearing a bib, but he'll absolutely love the practical and mess-free shave he achieves with it. by Rockwell Razors | $15 | Shop Now → A white bar of Take Away Porto Soap featuring a wrapper with a picture of a man & a sheep

Jasmine Sheep's Milk Soap

Is that a man...walking a sheep on the packaging of this soap? Indeed! Dad will get a giggle out of the playful imagery and enjoy the luxurious sheep's milk soap within. by Take Away Porto | $12 | Shop Now →

The Active Dad

A white & silver bottle of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Aqua Universalis Eau de Toilette

Aqua Universalis Eau de Toilette

As rejuvenating as a trip to the beach or a morning run, this refreshing blend of citrus and light, musky woods will appeal to the energetic, athletic Dad. by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris | $195 | Shop Now → A bottle of New Chapter Perfect Energy Multivitamin tablets

Perfect Energy Multivitamin

A health-conscious Dad will appreciate this blend of organic nutrients that helps convert carbs, protein, and fats into energy for his workouts. by New Chapter | $51.97 | Shop Now → The Jack Black Grand Tour set, incuding a black bag and 5 Jack Black men's grooming products

The Grand Tour Set

This kit includes everything a guy needs to get clean and fresh on the go, so whether your Pops carries it in his gym bag or on his jet-setting adventures, he's good to go. by Jack Black | $52 | Shop Now → A black vacuum sealed water bottle from RevoMax

Black Vacuum Flask Water Bottle

With this handy stainless steel water bottle, Dad can hydrate during a sweat sesh without spending any money or using wasteful plastic bottles. by RevoMax | $19.99 | Shop Now →

The Hippie Dad

A blue tube of Weleda Shaving Cream for men

Gentle Shaving Cream

This ultra-gentle shaving cream is great for sensitive skin and shavers who prefer their products free of synthetic fragrances, colors, and preservatives. by Weleda | $14.50 | Shop Now → A black and yellow bottle of Zeus Lavender Neroli Beard Oil

Lavender Neroli Beard Oil

Totally vegan and created with all-natural ingredients, this beard oil will keep Dad's facial hair smooth & soft if he's going for an au naturale beard look. by Zeus | $26.95 | Shop Now → A purple bottle of Molinard Patchouli Eau de Parfum

Patchouli Eau de Parfum

The classic hippie-chic scent gets a modern, sophisticated update in this fragrance from Molinard. Notes of sandalwood, neroli, and musk complete and compliment. by Molinard | $65 | Shop Now → A green box pf Oedo Koh Pine Incense

Pine Tree Tokyo Incense

Whether he uses it for meditation or just scenting his home, the free-spirited Father will enjoy the nature-inspired fragrance of this woodsy incense. by Oedo Koh | $18 | Shop Now → Shop all gifts for Dad at

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