2019 Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Guide: 4 Scents for Every Dad

2019 Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Guide: 4 Scents for Every Dad

May 31, 2019

Dad’s can be tough to shop for, making the pressure of finding a meaningful Father’s Day gift a Herculean task. Choosing a last-minute gift in a panic, only to watch it become a dusty paperweight in the years to come can be soul-crushing. This year, buy your dad a gift that shows that you really know him. We’ve rounded up special fragrances from around the world so you can find a perfect match for anyone you’re celebrating this Father’s Day.

For the Adventurous Dad


Proraso Azur Lime

This refreshing fragrance will take your dad’s senses on a trip to the Italian coast, even if you can’t afford to fly him there this Father's Day. The unique citrus scent has a bright richness that’s fit for anyone with a taste for adventure.

Proraso | $36 | Shop Now ->

For the Classic Gentleman


Penhaligon's Endymion

Hailing from England and named after the son of a Greek God, this fragrance is not for the faint of heart, just as its name suggests. It contains a sweet and spicy duality that’s perfect for the dad who wants to make an elegant, memorable statement.  

Penhaligon’s | $132 | Shop Now ->

For the Hipster Dad


D.S. & Durga Cowboy Grass

The edgy, herbaceous elements of Cowboy Grass are ideal for the dad who’s a true individual. It contains an earthy freshness that evokes a new kind of masculinity. Made for the guy in your life who exudes an effortless coolness, similar to its city of origin, Brooklyn, New York.

D.S. & Durga | $175 | Shop Now ->

For the Powerful Dad

Amouage Reflection

Reflection Man Eau de Parfum

A powerful (not overpowering) choice for a powerful man. This fragrance, made in Oman, features rosemary, neroli, red pepper berries and a hint of sandalwood. These strong characteristics come together to create an atmosphere of refined intensity. The ideal Father's Day gift for the briefcase-carrying dad who can close a deal in his sleep.

Amouage | $280 | Shop Now ->

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