4 Reasons Clean Mascara Is Trending Right Now

4 Reasons Clean Mascara Is Trending Right Now

February 18, 2020

Finding the perfect clean mascara can be really tricky. Do you want lift, length, a clump-free under eye? Some miraculous combination of all three? Cleaner alternatives have a reputation for being less effective, but you can still get the fluttery lashes of your dreams without harmful chemicals. To celebrate National Lash Day, we want to share the biggest benefits of switching to a more natural mascara and show off some of our favorite clean options. 

Eye Health 

Clean Mascara and Eye Health

According to New York Magazine, some mascaras can contain human carcinogens, like heavy-metal laden coal tar or toxins like 1,4-dioxane. Going natural can help you avoid dangerous petrochemicals and maintain the health of your eyes. Those with sensitive eyes specifically should seek out cleaner mascaras to avoid irritation. 

One of our favorite clean mascara options is the Defining Mascara from Dr. Hauschka. It’s made without mineral oil, silicones, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives. Certified organic plants, oils, and waxes are what provide a highly pigmented, defined look to lashes. 


Kjaer Weis Lengthening Mascara

The beauty industry is just one of many that are taking stock of their environmental impact in an effort to make a change. Greener, sustainable brands are beginning to take over the beauty market. Supporting a sustainable brand that makes a clean alternative to your favorite mascara can make a big difference. 

Kjaer Weis has become a staple in the world of natural, sustainable beauty. All of their products come in luxurious, reusable packaging, so you can later just buy the refills you need. KW’s Lengthening Mascara is smudge-free, certified organic and adds length and definition to lashes. 

Impactful Results

Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

Everyone’s mascara preferences are different. Maybe your lashes are stick straight and you need one that will curl and define them. You might prefer inky, black, pigmented lashes. Bold color might be what you’re after. In any case, there is a clean mascara that will deliver the impactful results you’re looking for. 

For those interested in a bold, creative look, Dr. Hauchska’s Volume Mascara comes in gorgeous shades of blue and plum, so you can add a pop color to your look. It creates visibly thicker lashes and is formulated with quince seed, silk, and candelilla wax to nourish and protect.

Affordable Options

Clean Amina Voluminous Mascara

Glamorous lashes can look expensive without actually breaking the bank. Being a relatively new trend, clean beauty can feel exclusive and unapproachable, but there are natural alternatives at fair price points. 

Clean Amina Volumizing Mascara is a great budget-friendly introduction to the world of clean mascara. It’s made with raw processed botanical extracts that are safe for sensitive eyes. 

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