4 Ways to Pack Smart for Your Next Trip

4 Ways to Pack Smart for Your Next Trip

May 22, 2019

As I was packing for spring break, I started thinking about how many people were also gearing up for a big trip. As a theater artist on the international festival circuit and a dad of three little kids, I’ve become an expert in packing for myself and for trips with the whole fam. Here are a few things I recommend whether you’re traveling with family or flying solo.

Pack all of your favorites!

GoToob Clear Travel Bottle by Humangear
I love these reusable, squeezable silicone tubes! Vacations should be a treat--why not have your go-to shower gel, shampoo, or body oil with you? This is a chance when you’ll actually have the time to take that long shower or bath, so have your favorite products with you! They have lots of TSA-approved options, so I always have the right size whether I’m toting my face cream or my kids’ eczema lotion. Don’t be limited by what the corner drugstore happens to carry in a travel size!

Use a sunscreen

There are lots of options out there but make sure it’s a mineral sunscreen. Some of my favorites are from Badger and COOLA Suncare.

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream by Badger
Badger is a fantastic family business. They make a great product and the price is right. It’s an absolute no-brainer, especially for the kids!

Unscented Eco-Lux Organic Sunscreen (SPF 30) by COOLA Suncare
If you know mineral sunscreen is better for you but hate that it makes you look like a whitish-bluish zinc-covered beach ghost, COOLA is the brand for you! While it’s mineral-based this spray goes on ultra sheer and it feels incredible!

Try a shampoo bar!

Have you ever tried a shampoo bar? Most people haven’t but it’s perfect for travel, and once you use it, you may never go back to the liquid goo again! Also, you can feel great about not throwing away another plastic container when you’re done.

Original Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar by J.R. Liggett's
J. R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar is all-natural and sulfate-free--it doesn’t strip your hair and leave it dry. In fact, because the old fashioned formula for these bars contains such a high oil content, lots of people claim they don’t even need to use a conditioner!

Show your thanks!

You’re crashing with friends. You’re staying with the in-laws. Someone is taking care of your dog while you’re gone. Maybe you’re having a staycation and you deserve a treat. Whatever your situation, you’re gonna need a gift!

Opal Basil Candle by KOBO
With fantastic designs, sublime scents, and a super clean 80-hour burn, KOBO candles are the perfect thank you gift. I love the little touches like the metal extinguishing lid and the box of wooden matches that comes included.

I hope that with this, you’ll be able to pack for any trip in confidence!

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