5 Easy Tricks to Get Maximum Energy From Your Morning Routine

5 Easy Tricks to Get Maximum Energy From Your Morning Routine

March 22, 2017

Not everyone is a self-described morning person.  In fact, most of us aren't, but that doesn't mean we can't be just as bushy-tailed as anyone - it just takes some effort.  Here are 5 tricks that JQ of the Q Brothers uses to launch his day:

1. Drink a glass of water

After being asleep for hours, you need to rehydrate. Drinking at least 16 oz of water on an empty stomach first thing after waking will jumpstart your metabolism. Water also detoxifies and purifies your whole system and cleanses the colon, which helps the body absorb more nutrients from food.

2. Make your bed

When I make a To Do List, my first entry is always “Make a To Do List,” which I check off upon completion of my list. It sounds silly, but instead of staring down a daunting, 0% complete to-do list, I've already got my first entry checked off and I'm feeling productive. It’s a little trick that gives me some mental momentum from the beginning. Making your bed is kind of like that. If you start your day by completing an incredibly simple task, you're already having a productive day from then on. Good habits are like chain reactions that lead to more good habits. Plus, getting into a made bed at night feels so good.

3. Stretch

When you stay horizontal for hours at a stretch, fluid tends to pool along the spine. Stretching helps massage and redistribute that fluid, leaving you in less pain. I'm not saying you have to do a full Yoga routine every morning (although your body would thank you), but simply taking 5-10 minutes to stretch can be a total game changer. It’s let me say goodbye to being achy, tight, and sluggish. My personal favorite takes five minutes and is called the Couch Stretch

4. Find a ritual that brings you joy

A little joy in your morning ritual can energize you by making an otherwise boring routine special. For some people, it’s using the most minty toothpaste ever, (like Uncle Harry's Natural Products). For others, it means shaving like your grandpa did.  For me, it's turning the shower completely freezing for a few seconds. It's great for my circulation and it wakes me up like nothing else!

5. Have a Green Smoothie

If you don't know the benefits of drinking Green Smoothies, you must read Victoria Boutenko’s Green For Life. It has completely changed my entire family's life, and got us all scrambling for the best deal on a Vitamix. It's an inexpensive way to get pure whole food nutrition with lots of fiber, and it will help keep you full until lunchtime.  It can give you momentum to soar through your day. These are some of the things that I do to give my morning a jolt - do you have any energy-boosting AM tricks?
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