6 Beach Bag Essentials You Need Now

6 Beach Bag Essentials You Need Now

June 19, 2017

Those lazy summer beach days you've been dreaming of all year are finally here! Make the most out of your sand & surf adventures by packing all the essentials in your beach bag. So, what do you need besides a towel, sunnies, and that guilty pleasure page-turner? Here's what else you shouldn't hit the shore without.

1) Use Protection

Bringing sunscreen is a no-brainer, but you need to remember to reapply after every two hours of fun in the sun (or 80 minutes if you’re swimming and/or sweating your tush off in an overly-competitive beach volleyball tournament). And don’t forget to protect those often-overlooked areas like lips, ears, under swimsuit straps, on the tops of feet, and backs of hands. Getting a burn is a total buzzkill, so set an alarm on your phone for when it's time to reapply sunscreen.

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2) Drink Up

Staying hydrated is extra important when you’re spending time outdoors in hot weather. When it's sizzling out, your sweat can't evaporate and cool you as quickly as it normally does; your body temperature increases, and so does the need for more fluids. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and worse, so do yourself a favor and pack a water bottle or two! Choose an insulated style to keep your beverage cool and refreshing throughout the day.

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3) Noshes & Nibbles

Don’t get hangry! Avoid a growling stomach and those ridiculously long concession lines by bringing easy-to-tote snacks. Skip salty stuff that will make you extra thirsty—you'll end up drinking a ton of water, and we all know bathroom runs at the beach are not fun. Instead, opt for healthy options like pre-sliced fruit, veggies, and raw nuts. They provide a natural energy boost so you can kill it at Frisbee and finish your sandcastle masterpiece.

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4) Pouch Perfection

Never suffer from sandy cell phone syndrome again! Pick up a handy water-resistant case to keep your essentials (sunnies, phone, keys, cash) safe from splashes and sand. (Choose a larger size if you also have reading material you want to stay dry!)  Another great idea? Bring some extra waterproof pouches along—they're perfect for corralling damp swimsuits and keeping your burgeoning seashell collection from getting lost at the bottom of your bag.

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5) The Cover Up

A day at the beach is ideal for lounging around in your new swimsuit, but if the wind picks up or you need a break from the sun, you’ll be happy you brought a cover-up. Guys can go for breezy button-up made of cotton or linen; for even more versatility, opt for one with long sleeves that can be easily rolled up. Gals can pair their suit with a colorful tunic, or accessorize with a stylish cotton scarf that doubles as a wrap when strolling on the boardwalk.

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6) Refresh & Revive

When it gets a little too hot, give yourself a spritz with a refreshing hydrosolit will cool you as it tones and treats your complexion. Try lavender for soothing sensitive skin, citrus to balance oily skin, or rose to soften and hydrate. While you’re at it, why not give your hair a little TLC? You can’t leave good beach hair to chance (wind and saltwater can wreak havoc), so add in a nourishing treatment while your hair is still wet to guarantee lustrous locks.

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Be sure to pack all of these essentials in your beach bag to have a truly fantastic summer beach day!

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