9 Secrets for Your Best Hair Ever

9 Secrets for Your Best Hair Ever

March 13, 2018

Is there any feeling quite as satisfying as having a good hair day? Getting compliments on your coif is truly one of life’s little pleasures. When you struggle with hair issues, though, these days can seem few and far between. Whether it’s frizz, flakes, or frazzled strands, these problems can really put a damper on your mood. You may try fighting these ailments with more traditional solutions -- a serum here, an anti-dandruff shampoo there. But if you’ve gone through all this without much success, don’t despair! Smallflower has a wide array of botanical products that can help you unleash your healthiest and most luxurious head of hair. Here are some of our favorite plant-based products that can help address a variety of issues, from damage to dryness to finicky scalps.

Hair Masks

for damaged strands

Do you love your curling irons and straighteners? How about highlights? If you put your hair through a lot of stress -- be it heat styling, bleaching and coloring, or relaxers -- make sure to replenish some of the nutrients lost during these processes. Hair masks enriched with healing botanicals can bring damaged strands back to life, making them softer, smoother, and shinier. Best Hair Ever | Phtyo, Klorane, Nubian Heritage Hair Masks for Dry & Damaged Hair 1. Indian Hemp + Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque A bevy of botanicals (including hemp, tamanu oil, and bamboo) enrich this mask, making it a great pick for returning softness and smoothness to damaged hair. by Nubian Heritage | $14.99 | Shop Now → 2. Desert Date Mask Natural date extract restores keratin to the hair, strengthening strands and moisturizing the hair shaft to repair damage. by Klorane | $26 | Shop Now → 3. Phytokeratine Extreme Mask This hair mask penetrates deep into hair to replenish moisture and intensively repair with baobab oil and sapote butter. by Phyto | $59 | Shop Now →

Leave-In Oils

for dehydrated locks

If you’ve got thirsty strands that soak up product like there’s no tomorrow, consider giving oils a try. These rich, botanical-based products help replenish moisture in dry hair with natural plant ingredients, relieving problems like breakage, split ends, and frizz. Best Hair Ever | Badger, Chidoriya, Weleda Hair Oils for Dry, Dehydrated Hair 4. Organic Argan Hair Oil by Badger High levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids nourish strands, soothing dryness and cutting down on frizz. by Badger | $18.99 | Shop Now → 5. Original Pure Camellia Oil Pure, wild camellia oil resembles the body’s natural oils, which provides frizz-fighting nourishment to strands. by Chidoriya | $31.99 | Shop Now → 6. Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil Split ends and dry hair stand no chance against organic rosemary and burdock extracts. Use this as a leave-in or, for an extra dose of moisture, try it as an overnight mask. by Weleda | $16.50 | Shop Now →  

Hair Tonics

for sensitive scalps

Dealing with a flaky scalp is never any fun, and thinning hair is a real downer. Help treat these conditions with a plant-packed solution known as a hair tonic. Popular in Europe, they target scalp issues and leave tresses healthier and revived. Best Hair Ever | Dr. Hauschka, Alkmene, Aiko Systems Hair Tonics for Sensitive Scalps 7. Strengthening Hair Treatment This solution revitalizes and restores dry, damaged hair and calms the scalp with neem oil and rosemary extract. by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $40 | Shop Now → 8. Brennessel Haarbalsam This German concoction helps increase circulation for a healthy scalp, which in turn leads to shiny, healthy hair. by Alkmene | $15.50 | Shop Now → 9. Birken (Birch) Haarwasser Birch extract lends its scalp-revitalizing properties to this hair tonic, transforming the health of your scalp and hair. by Aiko System | $11.50 | Shop Now →
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