Chidoriya: Bringing Traditional Japanese Beauty Secrets To The Masses

Chidoriya: Bringing Traditional Japanese Beauty Secrets To The Masses

July 03, 2019

Despite dating back centuries, the beauty rituals associated with Japanese geisha are still emulated today. Chidoriya is one brand taking inspiration directly from these beloved figureheads. Established in 1949, Chidoriya was originally focused on creating beauty products and accessories for geisha and maiko. Today, Chidoriya boasts a full range of skin care, beauty products, and accessories designed to offer traditional beauty secrets to the masses. 

We’ve rounded up a few best selling favorites from Chidoriya. Check them out and consider adding one of these powerful skin care solutions to your routine. 

Yuzu Seed Cleansing Balm 

Yuzu Seed Cleansing Balm

Have you ever felt like you had to wage war against a waterproof mascara at the end of the day? You don’t have to anymore. Wash away your makeup with skin softening jojoba, grapeseed, lemongrass and clary sage oils. Yuzu seed oil brightens and reduces inflammation.   

Chidoriya | $22 | Shop Now ->

Sake-Kasu Milk Bath Face Mask 

Sakekasu Milk Bath Face Mask

Much like stumbling upon your favorite dive bar, discovering kojic acids brightening properties was a happy accident. While at a Japanese sake brewery, a scientist noticed that the worker's hands looked beautiful and youthful. This alcohol-free sake by-product is incredibly moisturizing and vitamin-rich. It can be used as a skin care product, in a bath, or can be mixed with hot water and a hint of natural sweetener to create an antioxidant-filled drink. It actually rivals the most well-known superfoods.

Chidoriya | $8.95 | Shop Now ->

Peach Moon Herbal Water

Peach Moon Herbal Water

Evangelizing about the health properties of red wine is a full-time job for some. This toner, derived from the distilled extract of Gettou Alpinia Zerumbet, has 34 times the Polyphenols found in your nightly glass of Cabernet. It removes excess oils, helps to retain moisture, and firms the skin. 

Chidoriya | $38 | Shop Now ->

Brightening Eye Serum

Chidoriya Brightening Eye Serum

Cover up evidence of late nights out with this eye serum. Carrot seed oil is responsible for taking your under eyes from bleary and sallow to bright and well-rested. It’s handcrafted with moisturizing pure camellia japonica seed oil, organic rosehip seed oil, and select essential oils, but won't irritate sensitive eyes.

Chidoriya | $23.99 | Shop Now ->

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil 

Chidoriya Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Add this certified organic, multi-use heavy hitter to your product arsenal and watch scars and sun damaged skin heal. It’s suitable for all skin types, can be used on hair, and can slow down signs of premature aging. 

Chidoriya | $33.60 | Shop Now ->

Raw Silk Woven Net Washcloth 

Raw Silk Woven Net Washcloth

Smooth skin is on everyone’s wish list this summer. An amino acid packed, exfoliating cloth will give you the soft skin of your dreams. This one also aids with restoring elasticity. It’s gentle enough to be used daily on all skin types. 

Chidoriya | $35 | Shop Now ->

Peacock Kimono Clutch Bag 

Peacock Kimono Clutch Bag

Summer is all about statement accessories. Turn heads while you tote your daily essentials in style with this hand-painted, artisan-made bag. Fashioned after vintage silk kimonos, it’s also roomy enough to be used as a cosmetic pouch. It's time to experience the utility and simplicity celebrated by clutch-carrying trendsetters.

Chidoriya | $80 | Shop Now ->

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