Our 18 Favorite Vegan Products in 2018

Our 18 Favorite Vegan Products in 2018

July 11, 2018

Once upon a time, buying vegan personal care, supplements, and beauty was a test of mental fortitude. With a limited selection and not a lot of information out there, you *really* had to work to make sure your favorite products didn’t contain any animal ingredients. Times have truly changed since then. More and more brands have come around to the idea that vegan products are just as great as their conventional counterparts. Plus, more and more vegan brands have popped up in recent years that have excellent selections! At Smallflower, we’re proud to stock many amazing vegan and cruelty-free products. Here are some of our favorites for every part of your life.

For the Fellas

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Propaganda Vegan Shave Soap

After rigorous testing, Dr. Jon’s has created what might just be the best vegan shave soap out there -- one that’s good enough to start a revolution! by Dr. Jon's | $16 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Red & White Classic Angel Hair Shave Brush

There’s no need for animal hair to whip up an amazing lather. Fine Accoutrements proves this point with miraculously soft “angel hair” bristles that mimic the feel of badger, sans cruelty. by Fine Accoutrements | $26.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Q Brothers Beard Oil

We’re pretty proud of our very own in-house beard oil. Not only does it soften hair and leave your beard smelling awesome -- it’s also completely vegan! By Q Brothers | $20 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]


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Seed Face Oil

Nine different seed oils (plus wild yam root extract!) hydrate and restore skin to sublime softness and a healthy, youthful glow. by Jao Brand | $45 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Soothing Cleansing Milk

This totally vegan cleanser removes makeup and grime without stripping skin of natural oils. Plus, it helps soothe redness and calms sensitivity. by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $39 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Eye Butter Eye Cream

A fan favorite at Smallflower, beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike! Keys Eye Butter is rated the safest eye cream out there by the Environmental Working Group. by Keys | $24.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Bath & Body

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Lavender Everyday Shea Bubble Bath

Certified fair trade and totally vegan, this bubble bath creates a luscious lather that lets you indulge in total relaxation. by Alaffia | $11.24 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Bergamot & Lime Natural Bar Soap

Schmidt’s achieves a luxe lather and zesty scent with a smooth vegetable base and fragrant essential oils. by Schmidt's | $5.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Perfect Zen Body Lotion

Soothing and hydrating aloe and sunflower seed oil gives this lotion its velvety soft feel. Plus, it’s 99% natural and 85% organic! by Ursa Major | $26 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]


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Marigold Calendula Soy Candle

A gorgeous ceramic vessel, GMO-free soy wax, and the cheerful scent of marigold makes this candle a perfect pick for the vegan home. by Soap & Paper Factory | $25 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap

Eighteen uses in one! You can clean your body *and* your entire house with this reliably efficient coconut-based liquid soap. Stink and stains don’t stand a chance. by Dr. Bronner's | $9.89 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Lavender Laundry Fragrance Refill

Boost your laundry game with this scent enhancer that fills your home with the fragrance of lavender. It’s biodegradable, cruelty-free, and totally vegan! by Good Home Co. | $31 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Inner Beauty

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Infinity Greens Powder

This incredible supplement includes everything you need to get all your daily nutrients, with no animal ingredients in sight! by Billy's Infinity Greens | $19.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Raw B-Complex Vitamin Code

Vegans and vegetarians are more susceptible to vitamin B deficiency since human’s main source tends to be animal ingredients. This supplement offers all the Bs you need while remaining totally vegan! by Garden Of Life | $14.37 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for energy and mood that’s most commonly found in meat, dairy, and eggs. Vegans can get their share with this lemon-flavored supplement! by Carlson | $13.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Personal Care

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Spearmint Toothpaste

Beloved by Smallflower customers and staff alike, this all-natural toothpaste leaves teeth sparkling clean with no fluoride and no animal ingredients. by Uncle Harry's Natural Products | $6 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Baking Soda-Free Grapefruit Deodorant

Stop the stink with this baking soda (and aluminum!) free formula. Instead, arrowroot powder and magnesium keep you smelling fresh. by Meow Meow Tweet | $14 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] [GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"]

Unscented Mineral Sunscreen for Body

Non-nano zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum protection that keeps you safe from UVA and UVB rays. by Suntegrity Skincare | $24 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]
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