Get Right for Date Night:       A V-Day Guide for Guys

Get Right for Date Night: A V-Day Guide for Guys

February 07, 2019

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away now is the time to start thinking about how you’re gonna clean up and make your best impression. Presenting: Our guide, with a few of our favorite products that will help you look and feel great for the big night.


Let’s start with the painfully obvious: wash yourself. Of course, we’re all yearning for unconditional love from our partners, but let’s not put it to the test on account of body odor. Archipelago Botanicals' Charcoal Rose Body Wash is a wonderfully smooth cleanser with the benefits of activated charcoal that will remove toxins while renewing and re-hydrating your skin. Plus, the enticing blend of charcoal and rose emits a subtle and romantic scent.  

Charcoal Rose Body Wash

by Archipelago Botanicals | $18.50 Shop Now →


Now that you’re washed and scrubbed, you don’t want to drop the ball by looking unkempt. Nothing will have you looking and feeling sharper than a fresh shave--and if you keep a beard, you’ll want a crisp lineup. Geo F. Trumper’s soft shaving creams lather quickly and effectively and leave your face feeling exceptionally soft. Their Rose Soft Shaving Cream matches well with Archipelago Botanicals’ Charcoal Rose Body Wash.

Rose Soft Shaving Cream

by Geo F. Trumper | $14 | Shop Now →


Once you’ve shaved you’ll want to help your skin recover from contact with the blade. D.R. Harris’ Pink Aftershave is a gentle, low alcohol aftershave splash. It’ll still provide the benefits of an aftershave splash -- sanitize and tone -- without drying you out. The clean rose water fragrance is beautifully understated, great for pairing with a stronger cologne or parfum.  

Pink Aftershave

by D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd. | $40 | Shop Now →


February is still the dead of winter and we realize that an aftershave splash is a no-go for many that struggle to stay moisturized in cold and dry conditions. Imperial’s Aftershave Balm and Face Moisturizer is the perfect alternative for those of you who need a hydrating boost from their aftershave. Better yet, it’s fragrance-free so it won’t clash with any of your other Valentine’s Day scents.  

Aftershave Balm and Face Moisturizer

by Imperial | $22 | Shop Now →


All the work to this point will be for naught if you neglect your dome and leave your hair looking a mess. Again, Imperial comes through with their highly pliable Fiber Pomade, giving you the control you’re after as well as a high sheen finish that polishes off your look.  


Fiber Pomade

by Imperial | $22 | Shop Now →


And finally, now that you look and feel great, it’s time to smell amazing. Caswell-Massey’s NYBG Ros is a sophisticated eau de parfum with a masculine character bearing top notes of citrus and a heart of dark spice, amber, and anise. This fragrance is a darker take on rose, a Valentine’s Day staple.

NYBG Ros Fragrance  

by Caswell-Massey | $125 | Shop Now →


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