A Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

A Gift Guide for Everyone On Your List

November 28, 2017

Having lots of friends and family with different personalities and quirks is the best way to ensure a fun, interesting social circle. Variety is the spice of life, after all! However, we understand that will all that variety, there comes a challenge when seeking out gifts to please each unique person on your list—your high-powered lawyer sister doesn't necessarily enjoy the same things as the friend you met in yoga class. That's why we've put together this gift guide, to make it a little easier for you to pick out great gifts for all the particular personalities in your life.

For Him


Triple Play Gift Set

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This trio of tried-and-true favorites from Jack Black is great for the guy that's looking to get into skincare. It includes two types of cleansers and a moisturizer to help him kick his regime up a notch. by Jack Black | $49 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Green Leather Men's Grooming Kit

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] For the mustachioed man in your life, look no farther than this convenient travel kit. A pair of stainless steel pointed-tip scissors and a combination brush and comb are housed in a handsome dark green nappa leather case for protection and portability. by Pfeilring | $69.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Prima Dopo Nourishing Gift Tin

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The dude with an eye for design will appreciate the vintage Proraso advertisement that decorates this bold gift tin. Housed within is the brand's Red collection, created for thick, coarse beards. by Proraso | $32 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Hearth Votive Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The rich, smoky scent of this deluxe votive will delight any wannabe lumberjacks in your life. The aroma of a wintertime fire is created by combining rich oud wood with frankincense and hints of smoky embers. by Nest Fragrances | $16 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Vivo White Shaving Set

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Upgrade his bathroom counter with this handsome set that features a double-edged safety razor, pure badger shave brush, and stand. The chrome and silvery-white finish lends a modern touch to the traditional design. by Muhle | $150 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For Her


Festive Petite Diffuser Trio

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This set brings the festive spirit into her home with three seasonal scents and colorful designs. She'll love the scents of Holiday, Birchwood Pine, and Sugar Cookie. by Nest Fragrances | $54 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Nail Lacquer

A holiday-inspired mani is one of the best ways to get in the spirit of the season! Coordinate a few festive hues (like Kundalini Hustle, Sugarette, and Shattered Souls, pictured above) for a gift that'll let her express her creative side.

by Smith + Cult | $18 each | Shop Now →


Vintage Elderflower Bath & Shower Gel

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The glamorous and festive design of this shower gel will get her in the spirit. The scents of grapefruit, vetiver, and elderflower mingle for an effect that's reminiscent of sparkling champagne toasts at holiday parties. by Molton Brown | $33 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Peppermint Bark Gift Boxed Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] For the gal with a sweet tooth, try this candle that encapsulates all the sugary goodness of her favorite holiday treat. Notes of peppermint, chocolate, and mint leaf swirl for an indulgent scent. by Archipelago Botanicals | $29 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Diva Glass Bottle Atomizer

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The lady in your life that adores old-fashioned glamour and elegance will love decanting her favorite perfume into this vintage-inspired spritzer. by Nemat International, Inc. | $13.00 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For Teens


Beeswax Bounty Fruit Mix Holiday Gift Set

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] With a wide array of flavors and the classic appeal of Burt's famous lip balm, this set is sure to please the young'un on your list. by Burt's Bees | $10 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Neon Nail Files

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Your teen will love the bright hues and trendy gradient design of this three-piece nail file set. Bonus points if they get a mani to match! by Tweezerman | $7 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

French Lilac Perfume Roll On

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] If you've got an up-and-coming fragrance aficionado on your hands, roll-on fragrances are a great way to let them experiment without breaking the bank. This scent captures the fresh, springtime excitement of youth with a blend of Lilac, Magnolia, Nectarine, and more. by Pacifica | $12 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

The Light Pomade

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] For the teen who's just beginning to play with quiffs and coifs, this pomade offers light hold with a natural look that washes out easily. The bright, bold design will fit right in with their style. by BYRD Hairdo Products | $22 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For the New Parents


Newborn Arrival Gift Set

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This set makes life so much easier for your friends or family who've just welcomed home a bundle of joy. With everything from shampoo to diaper cream, it includes all the things they need to take care of the new baby. by Mustela | $45 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Tiny Polka Dot Rubber Ducky

Bathtime just isn't the same without an adorable ducky to splash away with! Darling dots and one of three vibrant hues jazz up this toy even more.

by Elegant Baby | $3 for 1 duck | Shop Now →


Penaten Baby Creme

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This German favorite remains one of our bestsellers for a reason: the thick, water-resistant cream treats everything from diaper rash to eczema and sunburn. And it's not just for babies—the new mom or dad you know will also love this one-of-a-kind find. by Penaten | $10.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Baby Cherry Wood Brush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Designed to smooth baby's hair and encourage growth and shine, this brush is made from genuine cherry wood and pure white bristles. by Kent | $44.80 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Calendula Baby Oil

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] New parents will love this super-pure baby oil that's made with 99% natural ingredients. A combination of calendula and chamomile extracts soothe and comfort baby's sensitive skin. by Weleda | $17.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

For the Gracious Host or Hostess


Pine Tree Tokyo Incense

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] For those who love to host, having a well-fragranced home is of the utmost importance. This set includes 60 incense sticks and an attractive tin incense stand, and fills their space with the festive scent of Japanese pine. by Oedo Koh | $18 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Patch NYC Stag Soy Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Hosting a great get-together is all about the ambience, and there's nothing better for ambience than a cozy, flickering candle! This blend of Siberian fir, cilantro, citrus and raspberry makes for a refreshing evergreen scent. by Soap & Paper Factory | $36 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

White Snowflake Soap Lift

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This charming knickknack keeps your host's or hostess' bathtub safe from soap scum while adding a little festive cheer to the decor. by Soap Lift | $6.65 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment Trio

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The hosts on your lists will love having a selection of high-quality lotions on hand to offer guests. This set includes three minimalist-chic tubes that'll add to the guest bathroom decor. by Malin + Goetz | $35 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

For the Design Geek


Kimono Hair Pins

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This adorable duo of hair pins brings a bright pop of color to their 'do. Your artsy friend will love that they're handmade with traditional kimono fabric, so no two are exactly alike. by Chidoriya | $13 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Fjord Scented Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This candle embraces the trend of Scandinavian-cool design with an Instagram-worthy frosted glass container and carved beechwood lid. by SKANDINAVISK | $48 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Original Mouth Refresher Mints

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The reason KAOL mints have remained a Smallflower favorite is their potent herbal taste. Their striking yet streamlined design is what makes them a truly unique gift. by KAOL | $10.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Artist Soft Perfume

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Everything about Sabe Masson's Soft Perfumes feels chic, from the intricately illustrated boxes to the colorful designs that adorn the fragrances themselves. The bold, retro-inspired pattern that decorates Artist will please the Pop Art lover on your list. by Sabe Masson | $24 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

DF1 Toothbrush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Hamico toothbrushes all boast unique designs created by New York artists, making them a great pick for stuffing the stockings of all the art lovers out there. by Hamico | $6.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For the Traditionalist


Classic Cross-Hatched Water Bottle & Red Plaid Fleece Covered Water Bottle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

The vintage-loving member of your list will love the old-fashioned charm of a hot water bottle for staying warm on chilly nights. Add in a festive plaid cover made from super-soft fleece for bonus cozy points.

by Fashy | $17.95 for Bottle | Shop Now → $28.95 for Bottle & Cover | Shop Now →


Roland Pine Soy Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The timeless scent of pine, Siberian fir, and cilantro will bring back memories of walking through wintry forests or sitting by the tree on Christmas morning. by Soap & Paper Factory | $28 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Swedish Dream Christmas Soap

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The darling traditional Swedish scene that decorates this box of soap is enough to get even the biggest Grinch in the holiday spirit. The scents of cinnamon, apple spice, and lavender amplify the seasonal cheer. by Kala | $8 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Elite Eau de Toilette

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Floris is the appointed perfumer to Her Majesty the Queen of England, and has been crafting fine fragrance since the 18th century. This eau de toilette boasts fresh evergreen and citrus notes subtly reminiscent of the holiday season. by Floris | $135 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For the Luxury Lover


Constellations Votive Trio Gift Set

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] This year, Diptyque's holiday collection is out of this world—literally, having been inspired by constellations. Three fine, festive scents created by the Parisian fragrance house paired with celestial illustrations by a French street artist make this set a stellar gift. by Diptyque | $100 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Fresh Mint Toothpaste & Concentrated Strong Mint Mouthwash

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] It may seem a little odd to give toothpaste and mouthwash as a gift. But part of the appeal of luxury goods is elevating everyday things from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Aside from simply looking stunning, these two products boast top-notch ingredients and one-of-a-kind flavors.

Toothpaste by Lebon | $15 | Shop Now → Mouthwash by Marvis | $22.50 | Shop Now →


Body Milk

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Give the gift of time-honored tradition for your luxury lover. Santa Maria Novella has specialized in creating luxury bath and body products since the 13th century, and this luxurious body milk has been crafted in the same way for over 700 years. by Santa Maria Novella | $96 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Pure Bristle Pocket Brush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Mason Pearson brushes are handcrafted using techniques pioneered and patented by the founder of the company over one hundred and thirty years ago and improved over succeeding generations. They're known for effective and efficient brushing that massages the scalp and improves hair's shine. by Mason Pearson | $120 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

The Adventurous Traveler Holiday Halfeti Collection

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] The Halfeti collection hearkens back to the 19th century era of trade, when pure luxury meant imported spices and tropical floral fragrances. The stunning decorative gift box adds to the old fashioned allure of this set. by Penhaligon's | $219 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

For the Free Spirit


SpaMist Aroma Diffuser

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Treat the aromatherapy enthusiast on your list to spa-like bliss with this color-changing device. All they need for up to four hours of sublime scents is a cup of water and the essential oil combination of their choice. by SpaRoom | $29.92 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Barista's Matcha & Bamboo Whisk

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row] Many people swear by the meditative effect of concocting an elaborate drink for themselves in the morning. With this matcha powder and bamboo whisk, your giftee can begin a new relaxing ritual (that just happens to taste great!)

by My Matcha Life | $29.69 for Barista's Matcha | Shop Now → $17.09 for Whisk | Shop Now →


Lemongrass Mandarin Aromaveda Sachet

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Your favorite eclectic soul will love this sachet's bright colors, elaborate patterns, and luxurious scents inspired by the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. by Spa Ceylon | $13.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] If your friend has been into natural health and beauty since before it was cool, chances are that they already use and love Dr. Bronner's. Why not treat them to an big bottle with the festive, refreshing scent of Peppermint? by Dr. Bronner's | $17.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Sky Father & Earth Mother Eau de Parfum

  Layers of complex notes mingle in these two eaux de parfum for an olfactory experience like no other. Your loved one will find him or herself transported to a world of adventure and reverence for nature.

by Dame Perfumery | $85 each | Shop Sky Father → | Shop Earth Mother →


For the Minimalist


White Snowdrop Limited Edition Holiday Candle

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Those who adore a simple aesthetic will appreciate the clean lines of this handsome candle in a gleaming hand-blown glass holder. The lush, wintry fragrance provides abundant seasonal cheer. by Lafco | $42 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Tenderly Light Multi-Stick

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Of course the sleek, stripped-down packaging of this makeup will appeal to minimalists. Its multi-functionality (as a lip, cheek, and eye tint) will also please those who are looking to curtail their cosmetic collections. by ILIA | $34 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

All Purpose Facial Moisturizer

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] Regardless of the season, regardless of their skin type, this everyday moisturizer absorbs easily and delivers hydration after cleansing. Minimalists will appreciate the functionality as well as the pared-down design. by Anthony | $30 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Artist Club DX Wood Handle Folding Razor & Professional Blades

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Your favorite minimalist will love the sleek, simple look and subtle earthy elements of this traditional razor. Handmade craftsmanship and innovative design give your giftee the best shave of their life, and easily replaceable blades mean they'll get a clean cut every time.

by Feather | $270 for razor | Shop Now → $14.25 for blades | Shop Now →


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