Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 18 Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 18 Unique Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Mom

April 26, 2021

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can feel unnecessarily complicated. Instead of gifting another bouquet of flowers or a gift card, take a thoughtful approach with this guide. Show your deserving mom that she’s worthy of self care and luxury. These gifts will persuade her to take a break and indulge in stress free self care. Each curated assortment makes for a great bundled gift or you can pick the individual items you think she’ll like best.


Garden Variety Mother's Day Gift

For the outdoorsy mom with a passion for herbs and gardening, we’ve created an assortment of herb and plant inspired gifts. With these great presents, she’ll actually want to take a break from tending to the garden to tend to herself instead. Beloved natural elements like lavender, passionflower and aloe will soothe her senses, so she can finally take some time to relax.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath

This Mother’s Day, inspire your hard working mom to indulge in a little relaxation. This intensive bath blend will instantly melt away stress thanks to the serene scent of lavender. This balancing herb is known to combat fatigue and help with restlessness.

Kneipp | $20 | Shop Now →

KOBO Catalan Calendula Plantable Box Candle

Pick the perfect home fragrance for the mom who loves to tend to plants and watch them grow. The Plantable Box line from KOBO makes such a great Mother’s Day gift because it’s so unique. The biodegradable box has seeds in it, so she can plant the box and watch her own crop of calendula herbs grow.

KOBO | $28 | Shop Now →

Caswell-Massey Aloe & Almond 3 Soap Set

Aloe is such a miraculous healing and soothing herb, it would be impossible not to include it here. Caswell-Massey soaps have such a rich history, plus they come in a high-quality, ready-to-gift box. The Aloe & Almond Soap trio features a cold cream formulation vitamin E, soothing aloe and the comforting soft scent of almond extract.
Caswell-Massey | $29 | Shop Now →

evanhealy Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm

This best-selling balm keeps the skin soft, glowing and radiant. After spending hours outdoors, mom can treat herself to this soothing, multipurpose balm. It can be applied to the lips, eyes, and face to combat dry, aging skin. Cold pressed wild carrot seed oil and evanhealy’s signature handmade whipped shea butter brightens, smoothes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes.
evanhealy | $26.50 | Shop Now →

Dr. Hauschka Rosemary Leg & Arm Toner

The gardening mama who’s a little older will love the blend of warming botanicals found in this body care tonic. Borage and rosemary essential oils tone and invigorate the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.
Dr. Hauschka | $35 | Shop Now →

D.S. & Durga Jazmin Yucatan Eau De Parfum

If mom is missing travel, she’ll love this unique fragrance that we just added to our collection. Jazmin Yucatan is a scented journey through the jungle.It’s green with notes of sambac, snake plant, and bergamot but also watery and floral thanks to passionflower.

D.S. & Durga | $175 | Shop Now →


Create an at-home spa experience this Mother’s Day. These picks will inspire relaxation and a sense of calm. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to remind her to take care of herself. We’re sure she’ll appreciate having a moment of respite amid the chaos of this year, especially since these cost less than a day at an actual spa.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence

Add a touch of luxury to mom’s spa day by gifting a beautiful bath essence. This a non-foaming and gentle bath essence that softens the water for a velvety soak. She’ll be enveloped by the delicate scent of rose.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $30 | Shop Now →

Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Cream

Add this to your gift basket to create a rose-scented bath and body duo. This rich body cream is formulated with rose wax and precious natural extract from rose petals and wild rose hips. It’s a quick absorbing moisturizer that will protect the skin barrier.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $36 | Shop Now →

Earth Therapeutics Tampico Vegetable Fiber Skin Brush

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate, improve circulation and assist with lymphatic drainage. Create a spa treatment at home with this super affordable body brush. It’s made of tampico fibers from the agave plant and can be used wet or dry.

Earth Therapeutics | $12 | Shop Now →

evanhealy Vetiver Hinoki Body Oil

Pair the dry brush with a body oil to rehydrate and nourish the skin after dry or wet brushing. The vetiver and hinoki scent are earthy scents that calm and recenter. This makes a great Mother’s Day gift for mom’s in need of stress relief.

evanhealy | $27.50 | Shop Now →

Klorane Soothing Cornflower Eye Patches

French grown cornflowers are picked at full bloom to create the soothing cornflower extract found in these refreshing eye patches. The appearance of fine lines and puffiness will be majorly reduced after just 10 to 15 minutes of wear. This 7-pack will become a part of your mom’s stable of beauty essentials or can used on a day when she wants to treat herself.

Klorane | $24 | Shop Now →

Alteya Organics Bulgarian Lavender Oil Hair Treatment

No spa treatment is complete without caring for the hair. This deep conditioning oil can be used as a hair mask, an overnight treatment or to add shine and control frizz. This balmy treatment contains a restorative botanical mix that prevents breakage and split ends for healthy, strong hair.

Alteya Organics | $15.95 | Shop Now →


The mom with a taste for the finer things in life deserves lavish gifts with a multifunctional twist. These luxe favorites will add something special to her beauty routine and home space. Find her high quality, hard-to-find gifts that are totally unique and she’ll definitely feel the love.

Olverum Bath Salts

These cult favorite bath salt makes for an incredibly indulgent and luxurious gift. Mineral-rich Kalahari Desert salt and a fragrant essential oil blend result in a therapeutic soak that your mom certainly deserves.

Olverum | $48 | Shop Now →

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Feminin Pluriel Eau De Parfum

This pretty, pink fragrance is feminine and delicate. It makes a great Mother’s Day gift for the mom who loves classic, floral scents that skew more traditional. This is sure to become her most cherished, signature scent.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian | $205 | Shop Now →

Mason Pearson Popular Bristle & Nylon Brush

Loved by the fashion and beauty industries, Mason Pearson brushes are a top tier hair care essential. This will be adored by the mother with discerning taste who likes to keep her mane coiffed and fabulous. The Popular Brush is made with nylon and boar bristle brush and can be used on normal, short and thick hair.

Mason Pearson | $240 | Shop Now →

Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil

Antioxidant-rich, cold pressed oils like rose hip, olive and sweet almond combined with Dioscorea batatas, a biodynamically grown tuber with natural healing properties will restore the skin for a healthy complexion. The component is refillable, so mom will certainly appreciate this low-waste innovation.

Kjaer Weis | $225 | Shop Now →

Skin Gym Jade Gua Sha Sculpty

Pair the oil with a gua sha tool for an at-home facial worthy of a five star spa. Gua sha facial massage originates from traditional Chinese medicine and aids with reducing fluid retention in the face and neck.

Skin Gym | $32 | Shop Now →

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Hourglass Diffuser

Help mom fill her home with exquisite fragrances from one of our finest French perfumers. This stunning vessel makes for a gorgeous, modern decor piece that can be refilled with many different fragrances. 34 Boulevard Saint Germain is inspired by the flagship Diptyque store with notes of pungent wood, spices and crumbled leaves.

Diptyque | $190 | Shop Now →

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