Staff Picks: Oral Care

Staff Picks: Oral Care

February 28, 2018

Here at Smallflower and Merz Apothecary, we’re lucky to be surrounded on the daily with thousands of wonderful health and beauty products. We get to know them pretty well, but we can understand that to a newcomer, all that selection can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some favorites from members of the staff to help you find that awesome new product. This week we focus on oral hygiene -- products that would make your dentist proud!


Cinnamon Toothpaste

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] "Spicy, salty, sweet... what more could you want from your toothpaste? Great for a rough morning when you need a pick-me-up." - Tom, Sales Associate  by Uncle Harry's Natural Products | $6 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Rambas Limited Edition Toothpaste

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “I love how the flavor is so different than your typical mint. It's great for mornings when you want something refreshing. I let my mom try it & she immediately bought a tube of her own!” - Rachel, Copywriter by Marvis | $15 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Peppermint Toothpaste

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “Made with 95% natural ingredients, this stuff gets your teeth clean with activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay. Plus, it’s really fun to see how it turns your teeth black when you’re brushing!” - Kathy, Web Product Coordinator by My Magic Mud | $9.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Unscented Tooth Powder

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “I like both this and the original flavor, but this has the added bonus of not interfering with my homeopathic treatments! My teeth feel super clean and look really bright when I use this.” - Anne-Laure, Sales Associate by Uncle Harry's Natural Products | $6 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  


Kids' Soft Flossing Toothbrush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “My two kids really like these toothbrushes. The bristles really get in those hard-to-reach parts around the gums so I know they’re getting a good, deep clean.” - Rob, Customer Service by SoFresh Oral Care | $3.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

DF8 Toothbrush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “This is hands down the cutest toothbrush I’ve ever used. And it really works, too! The bristles are two different lengths, which made my teeth feel squeaky clean.” - Rachel, Copywriter by Hamico | $6.95 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Ivory Desert + Rivermint Bio Toothbrush Duo

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “My favorite toothbrushes are usually hideous, so I was happy when I found this beautifully designed biodegradable toothbrush that gets the job done. You can get a duo pack or a single toothbrush with a stand.” - Ozy, Customer Service by Jack n' Jill | $8.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Soft Flossing Toothbrush

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “A microscopic cleaning crew with heavy duty tooth scrubbing equipment would be hard pressed to beat this brush. It really does floss while you brush and now I couldn’t go back if I tried.” - Tom, Sales Associate by SoFresh Oral Care | $3.50 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  


Oral Swish for Teeth + Gums

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “I was having a pretty bad toothache and thought I was headed for the dentist, but I went through a bottle of this and now that tooth is as strong as the rest!” - Jillian, Sales Associate by Uncle Harry's Natural Products | $10 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Periowash Cool Mint Mouthwash

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “Great mouthwash, great ingredients, and your mouth feels amazing after using it! Bonus: it’s made with wildcrafted herbs and natural essential oils.” - Daria, Sales Associate by Nature's Answer | $10.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Miracle Mouthwash

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “Made with essential oils, sea salt, and other natural ingredients, this mouthwash is very intense, and makes your mouth feel incredibly clean and fresh. It burns a little—but in a good way!” - Astrid, Operations Manager by Uncle Harry's Natural Products | $9 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]  

Other Goodies

Cinnamon + Tea Tree Chewing Sticks

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “A great alternative to chewing gum and a perfect breath refresher when you're on the go. I also recommend these to all my friends who are trying to quit smoking—they love them too!” - Kristi, Graphic Designer by Thursday Plantation | $4.25 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Amazing Grace Tongue Cleanser

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “Once you see what actually comes off your tongue when you use a scraper, you will never really feel like your mouth is clean without one! This version has a great geometric design.” - Anthony, President by Amano | $18 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]

Silk Dental Floss

[GDC_row] [GDC_column size="half"] [/GDC_column] [GDC_column size="half"] “Organic silk and natural wax help this gentle floss glide right through tight spots. The soft texture removes plaque without irritating my sensitive gums. Bonus: it’s 100% biodegradable.” - Ozy, Customer Service by Radius | $3.99 | Shop Now → [/GDC_column] [/GDC_row]


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