2020 Natural Health Gift Guide

The Best Health & Wellness Gifts For The 2020 Holiday Season

November 02, 2020

During a year where health has been top of mind for everyone, it makes sense that we’d go into the holiday season thinking a little differently about gifts. Help your loved ones continue to stay healthy with natural health and wellness gifts they’ll come to rely on. Our collection of topical pain relievers, homeopathic remedies and staple supplements is large, so there’s something for everyone. Nothing says you care like inspiring your loved ones to take a moment and prioritize their health during the holidays. Check out these best-selling favorites from our modern apothecary.

T-Relief Cream

Medinatura T-Relief Cream

This topical pain reliever makes a great gift for anyone dealing with muscle or joint pain. Those nursing sports injuries or older loved ones will enjoy the odorless formula and fast-acting pain relief they’ll experience. This ointment uses all natural active ingredients like arnica, chamomile and calendula extracts which are known to help with pain. 

Medinatura |  $10.95 | Shop Now →

Oscillococcinum 12 Dose Value Pack

Boiron Oscillococcium Value Pack

This best-selling value pack is an excellent medicine cabinet staple for every household. Oscillococcinum makes an especially great gift for those with lower immune systems who might be more susceptible to catching a cold or flu. Fevers, chills and body aches are no match for this homeopathic favorite. This gift could make a great stocking stuffer as you celebrate the holidays this year and want to keep everyone healthy. 

Boiron |  $16.99 | Shop Now →

Tannenblut Cough Syrup

Hubner Tannenblut Cough Syrup

Tannenblut Cough Syrup is a time tested German favorite that we swear by at Smallflower. Another great medicine cabinet staple to keep on hand, Tannenblut is made with trusted herbs such as sage and peppermint leaf, thyme, aniseed and fennel, primrose root and ribwort plantain. These pure plant derived substances are processed together with forest honey and candied sugar into a pleasantly flavoured syrup which has valuable benefits for young and old alike.

Hubner  |  $32.50 | Shop Now →

China Oel

BioDat China Oel

Try a peppermint inhaler to relieve sinus congestion naturally. This is an incredibly popular remedy for those who deal with sinus issues on a regular basis. It makes a great on-the-go fix for nasal congestion and difficulty breathing. The scent is ultra refreshing and will feel like a breath of fresh air. 

BioDiat   | $14.00 | Shop Now →

Swedish Bitters 

Maria Treben Swedish Bitters

We imported this traditional home remedy from German because it’s been loved for generations. Austrian herbalist Maria Treben’s original Swedish Bitters recipe is a natural tonic used to supplement the lack of bitter foods in the modern diet. This digestive aid will help ease heartburn, cramping, bloating and gas.

Maria Treben |  $42 | Shop Now →

Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist

Klosterfrau Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist

This all-in-one tonic will make a great gift for any health fanatics who love to try natural remedies. Klosterfrau Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist was formulated with 13 herbs and is safe to ingest or use topically. It supports pain relief, digestion, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

Klosterfrau |  $88.50 | Shop Now →

Herbal Toothpaste

Paradontax Herbal Toothpaste

Help your loved ones keep their teeth and gums healthy with this best-selling toothpaste. Paradontax Herbal Toothpaste is made with ratanhia, an herb recommended by periodontal experts. Natural mineral salt and echinacea, chamomile, sage and myrrh cleanse and heal irritated gums. 

Paradontax |  $12.95 | Shop Now →

Umcka Cold Care Original Drops 

Nature's Way Umcka Cold Care Drops

These convenient drops are great to have on hand for the common cold. You can add the concentrated drops to a drink or take them straight for fast relief from congestion, coughs and sinus issues. They also make great gifts for people with children (over the age of 6) who may have a hard time swallowing pills when they're sick. 

Nature's Way | $28.99 | Shop Now →

Vitamin D3

Carlson Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is another great medicine cabinet must-have for the health conscious. We carry many varieties of Vitamin D, but love this option because Carlson makes superior quality supplements that go beyond the ethical standards required by the FDA. This supplement supports heart health, a strong immune system and healthy bones. 

Carlson |  $14.90 | Shop Now →

Turmeric Forte

Standard Process Tumeric Forte

For those dealing with issues related to inflammation, this supplement could be a great option. Turmeric Forte combines turmeric rhizome and Fenugreek seed extracts to increase the bioavailability of circuminoids. Circuminoids are the active constituents in turmeric that help to reduce inflammation. We recommend calling our customer service team to get connected with a pharmacist who can tell you if this supplement is a good fit for you or a loved one. 

Standard Process  |  Call to order - $39.05 | Shop Now →

Peppermint Toothpaste 

Uncle Harry's Peppermint Toothpaste

This best-selling toothpaste makes a great gift for those who love natural products that are packaged sustainably. Uncle Harry’s Peppermint Toothpaste is housed in recyclable glass packaging and made with bentonite clay and essential oils to pull impurities from the teeth and gums. It will help to strengthen your teeth and remineralize tooth enamel for a smile that’s both sparkling and strong. 

Uncle Harry's Natural Products |  $6 | Shop Now →

Kytta Salbe 

Merck Kytta Salbe

Comfrey root is the base for this pain relieving salve. As the only U.S. distributor for this product we’ve been overwhelmed by the rave reviews our customers leave about Kytta Salbe. It can be used to relieve sore joints and muscles, tennis elbow, arthritis pain and more. We recommend popping this salve into the stocking of anyone who could use some relief from one of these common ailments. 

Merck  |  $17.95 | Shop Now →

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