Turn your Home into the Perfect V-Day 'Getaway'

Turn your Home into the Perfect V-Day 'Getaway'

February 11, 2019

If we’re being honest, one of the best -- and most underrated -- Valentine’s Day activities is a romantic night at home! Perhaps you’re introverted, or maybe you’re just over the rat race for reservations at packed restaurants. Whatever the reason, staying home can be a fun and budget-friendly way to spend the holiday.

Whether you’re staying in for a romantic night with your partner, gathering together a group of friends, or just taking a nice relaxing evening for self-care and self-love, here are some of our favorite items to set the mood and bring the spirit of the Valentine’s Day into the comfort of your home.


We’re in love and we don’t care who knows it! We’re in love with... Boy Smells! Nothing sets the mood quite like a beautifully scented candle and Boy Smells’ selection has exploded onto the scene with unique and irresistible fragrances.

To transform your home into the perfect romantic getaway, we recommend:

A modern spin on a classic Valentine’s rose scent with a smoky undercurrent. Warm and mysterious.
$32 | Shop Now

Picture a log cabin with a roaring fire. Cuddle up with this cozy candle.
$32 | Shop Now

Like an opulent basket of flowers from your Valentine. A perfect floral fragrance for the occasion!
$32 | Shop Now

Pro Tip: Use smaller unscented tea lights to carry the aura throughout your space.


If you’re staying in, you’ll also want to make sure you’re in the right head-space. Here are some great essential oils that will help get your mind and body aligned with the spirit of the holiday:

Jasmine enhances confidence and enlivens the senses. Perfect for a stay at home V-Day date night | $21.35

Clary Sage quiets a racing mind and supports emotional well-being | $20.60

Earthy and woodsy Rosewood also bolsters emotional well-being and opens the heart | $39.20

Ylang Ylang balances emotions and lifts your mood. This is a sensual oil and can help spark romance | $13.85


Reed diffusers present a wonderfully subtle way of imbuing your home with romance and Valentine’s Day spirit. Plus, they’ll have your place smelling amazing for months to come. Alora Ambiance stands apart as the originators of the reed diffuser and continue to make an unrivaled product. Their glass bottles come with resealable caps so you can save the ambiance for the next romantic night in!

A sweet and sensual vanilla that is at once exotic and familiar.
$90 | Shop Now

A delightfully soft floral mixed with invigorating bright lemon and ylang ylang.
$90 | Shop Now

Beautifully romantic lily-of-the-valley with sandalwood, which helps clear the mind and opens up communication.
$90 | Shop Now

With a little time and intention, you can turn your home into the premier Valentine’s Day destination!

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