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California Baby

California Baby

Jessica Iclisoy, founder of California Baby, wanted to give her two sons a healthy start on life, protecting them from the sun and harsh chemicals found in the products used when she was a baby. The bath, hair, and skin care products she has developed have been held to strict ingredient standards, using no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or synthetic natural fragrances. Instead, the main cleaning agent is Decyl Polyglucose, which is 100% vegetable from beginning to end. It is mild, boidegradable, and derived from corn, coconut, and palm nut oil. And to entertain baby's noses, only high quality aromatherapy essential oils scent her products.


  •   Hair Conditioner

    California Baby Hair Conditioner - 9oz Conditioner Item # 922
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  •   Soothing & Healing Spray

    California Baby Soothing & Healing Spray - 9oz Spray Item # 928
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