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Since 1876 the Gustaf's factory has produced endless varieties of licorice. Because the Dutch are such connoisseurs of black licorice, Gustaf's has been fortunate enough to choose from an array of licorice recipes, from salty or sweet to firm or chewy. In fact, there is no country in the world with a higher consumption of licorice than Holland, so you can be assured Gustaf's tasty treats meet the standards of a very discerning populace. Whatever your fancy, Gustaf's will have the licorice you desire at the standard you've come to expect.


  • A Dutch Delicacy Tid Bitz Soft Dutch Licorice Bites

    Gustaf`s Tid Bitz Soft Dutch Licorice Bites - 5.2oz Licorice Bits Item # 10071223
    In stock, ready to ship.
  • Beary Good! Licorice Bears

    Gustaf`s Licorice Bears - 5.2oz Licorice Pieces Item # 10072431
    In stock, ready to ship.
  • Original Dutch Licorice Drops Licorice Drops

    Gustaf`s Licorice Drops - 5.2oz Licorice Bits Item # 10068749
    In stock, ready to ship.

  • Lightly Salty & Flavorful Dutch Licorice Coins

    Gustaf`s Dutch Licorice Coins - 5.2 Licorice Bits Item # 10075390
    In stock, ready to ship.