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Herbs for Kids

Herbs for Kids was founded in 1990 by herbalist and expectant mother Sunny Mavor. With a background as a practicing herbalist, she understood the difficulty in finding herbal products appropriate for children. This is the frustration that inspired her to create this line of herbal products specifically formulated with kids in mind. That means alchohol-free, potent, and good tasting herbal products for kids.


  •   Valerian Super Calm

    Herbs for Kids Valerian Super Calm - 1oz Liquid Item # 22675
    In stock, ready to ship.
  • Helps Kids Stay On Task A+ Attention

    Herbs for Kids A+ Attention - 125 Chewable Tablets Item # 10067247
    In stock, ready to ship.
  • Makes Bedtime Easier No More Monsters

    Herbs for Kids No More Monsters - 125 Chewable Tablets Item # 10067244
    In stock, ready to ship.

  • We All Need A Little P & Q Ps + Qs

    Herbs for Kids Ps + Qs - 125 Chewable Tablets Item # 10067242
    In stock, ready to ship.