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In 1993, Matthew Tilker, Mistral's founder and president, was studying alternative cancer therapies in Europe. While in Provence, France, he met a seventy year old master soap maker who, in a family factory, still crafted soaps according to a three hundred year old traditional triple milling process, always using the finest natural ingredients. The soap maker's artistry, love of his craft, and extraordinary knowledge and experience in soap making left a lasting impression on Matthew. After returning home to California, Matthew imported soaps directly from Provence and sold them at his mother's home during the 1994 holiday season; it was the beginning of Mistral.

Currently, the Mistral line offers customers thirty soap fragrances, as well as a full range of Mistral-scented personal care products. Now you can experience the scents and colors of the Mediterranean's Mistral winds as part of your daily bath and beauty rituals.

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