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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa


Tabula Rasa is one of the best-kept secrets in wet shaving, Tabula Rasa shave soaps, aftershaves, and fragrances truly defy expectation. The perfect combination of natural ingredients and European skincare technology, each product is designed to nurture skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy. Formulated to work for even sensitive and allergy-prone types Pre & Post Shave, Tabula Rasa's face-friendly range has gained a worldwide cult following. Grab a tub or bottle today, and you'll see why!



Made using all natural ingredients with superior skin care in mind, you are certain to feel great after every shave. Create a fine, thick lather that will moisturize and protect your skin to the fullest. Many users of Tabula Rasa shave soaps do not even require an aftershave!

Enjoy a gentle cushioning lather that will give you a cleaner, more comfortable shave every time. Check out what makes this brand so sought after and popular among users, and become a believer in this shave soap yourself. One of the things that makes Tabula Rasa shave soaps so popular is the alluring scents. Its leading product, Dark Lavender, leaves a beautiful smell that many find incredible and addictive.

Tabula Rasa also has other scents to choose from, including patchouli, tangerine, and more. For those with especially sensitive skin (or noses), there is an unscented soap that still maintains a great lather and shave. From men who are brand new to wet shaving to seasoned veterans, Tabula Rasa delivers an amazing experience every day. Its legions of fans grows more and more every day, and for good reason.

Combine ease of use, superior skin care, and a great lather that will give you the best shaving experience possible, regardless of your skin sensitivity. For those that particularly enjoy the Tabula Rasa scents, check out the selection of fragrances by the very same company! There is no need to leave an alluring aroma at home when you can put it on and take it with you around town.