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For many years throughout the islands of the Pacific, the kava kava root has been use to create a popular local beverage. It also makes a unique and refreshing herbal tea.

Sometimes known simply as kava, the kava kava plant is a short plant with large, broad leaves, native to the Polynesian islands of in the Pacific Ocean. A number of Polynesian cultures have cultivated kava kava over the last few millennia, harvesting it for its root, which is the primary ingredient in a popular local beverage consumed both socially and ceremonially. This beverage is regularly served to guests and dignitaries as part of traditional hospitality on these islands. The plant has become difficult to grow through natural pollination, such that it is entirely cultivated by taking cuttings from mature stems. For many Pacific Island nations, kava kava is an important cash crop, and a valuable part of their society and culture.
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Directions for Use: Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea. Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes. Remove tea bag and enjoy!

Warnings: It is advised to consult with a doctor prior to drinking kava kava root tea if you are currently nursing or on any medications. Those who are pregnant should avoid drinking kava kava root tea. Although it is very rare, it is also cautioned that kava kava root may have a possible risk of being connected to liver damage. It is strongly advised to consult with a doctor prior to drinking this if you have or have had a history of liver related health concerns. Stop use and seek advice from a physician if you develop any symptoms related to liver damage such as jaundice or discolored urine.

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