Organic Rosemary Tea

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A Delightfully Savory Experience

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If you’re into cooking, you’ll likely be familiar with the fragrant, famous ingredient rosemary. Native to the Mediterranean region, considered an evergreen shrub with needles for “leaves,” this versatile herb sprouts tiny blue, lavender, and white flowers. Many people plant rosemary bushes for ground covering. It’s a hearty, drought- and pest-resistant plant, that can flower all year in temperate climates. Important these days as well, rosemary shrubs attract bees.

What Does Rosemary Tea Taste Like?

Imagine traveling back in time to seaside Italy, where colorful rectangular dwellings dot the coastline. The scent of roasting lamb lingers in the air as you stroll along a pathway lush with greenery. A sweet subtle breeze washes over you, tickling your eyelashes, as it brings the calming scent of vibrant rosemary. A sense memory has been planted, an imprint you will carry with you for lifetimes to come.

Rosemary tea is smooth and savory. It has a balanced taste from the first sip through the lingering, mint-like sensation it leaves on your tongue.

- Contains thymol
- Contains luteolin
- Contains rosmarinic acid

18 Bleach Free Tea Bags / Box
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Organic Rosemary Leaf
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Directions for Use:
Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.
1. Use 1 teabag per cup of boiling water.
2. Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes
3. Remove tea bag and enjoy!

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