Cat o Nine Tails Bay Rum Aftershave
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Start Your Day Off with a BANG

Origin : USA

Scent : Bay Rum

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Cat o` Nine Tails was developed to answer the need for a more bracing experience for the aftershave user, having a scent similar to Captain`s Choice Original and yet full-bodied, reminiscent of ocean spray.

But the application onto a freshly shaven face is where The Cat really delivers an entirely new experience - you won`t forget it! Once it hits your cheeks a slow warmth begins, building and building until it plateaus in a bracing and sensational warming of the face. Developed for the guy who wants to start his day off with a BANG and can take anything life throws at him. You want it, you know it and you NEED it. Order a bottle today and get ready to feel that wonderful BURN!
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Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.
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