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Saccharum (Sugarcane) Candle by Carriere Freres Industrie (6.7oz Candle)

Item #10068853

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By Scent: sugar
By Country: france

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Product Description:

Harvested in New Guinea a century before Christ, sugarcane reached the shores of China and India. The Persians called it the ''honey-bearing reed,'' and Alexander the Great brought the exotic plant home from his conquests. Arab conquerors planted canes in Palestine, on the shores of the Nile, and along the Mediterranean where crusaders discovered it with delight. Until then, sugar, of the sanskrit ÒsarkaraÓ, was a rare commodity. The Portuguese brought sugarcane to Brazil, from where its cultivation spread to the ÔSugar islandsÕ of the West Indies, and later to the French Louisiana.

Product Details:

Directions for Use:

  • Burn your candles until its whole surface is melted
  • Take off with your finger the carbonized part of the wick between each use of the candle
  • Avoid burning the candles much further than 1 cm or 0.4 inches from the bottom of the glass
  • Burn your candles only on appropriate surfaces, resistant to heat and hot wax
  • Blow out your candles if they start smoking while burning.
  • Take away the burned part of the wick before each use of the candle. A finger pinch is enough.
  • If you light several candles next to one another, finish by lighting the closest to you so you do not get burnt

  • Don’t leave the candles on a warm surface or a surface that absorbs heat
  • Keep the flame away from any combustible or flammable object (furniture, curtains, decoration.)
  • Extinguish your candles before they are completely finished! You will thus protect your candleholder and décor and avoid any accident due to overheating.
  • Never leave your candles lit when you are away, and never leave your candles close to a child or a pet.
  • Never move your candles while they are lit or while the wax is still liquid.
  • Take away any flammable material that is on the candle before burning it.
  • Never leave a piece of burnt wick or match in your burning candles; it could ignite itself.
  • Don’t leave your burning candles too close to a wall, a heater or near to an air current.

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