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Chidoriya`s original golden Japanese Camellia Seed oil has been manufactured using the traditional hand press technique. The family factory where it is made has been known as an excellent quality maker in Kyusyu, Japan. The camellia oil has a light texture and a very similar consistency to Oleic Acid, which is naturally produced by the skin and known for its deeply penetrating quality. The fruit (looks like a nut) contains mainly oleic acid (86%). The Japanese have always used camellia oil for face, body, hair and scalp care. The oil does not need any synthetic antioxidant preservative, because the camellia oil`s content will work its own preservative. This is an ideal item for dry and sensitive skin. The oil is imported from Kyusyu Island by Air carriage to keep the fresh quality of a wild camellia.

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100% Pure Wild Camellia Japonica Seed Oil

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Directions for Use:

BEFORE SHAMPOO (treatment for very dry and damaged hair): Massage camellia oil into scalp and ends of damaged hair, rinse camellia oil, and shampoo.

AFTER SHAMPOO (essentially for hair): Apply oil to ends of hair and dry patches of scalp to deep condition.

BODY MOISTURIZING: Enjoy your own aroma with Camellia Oil. Mix with 1~2 table spoon of Camellia Oil and a drop of aroma therapy oil such as lavender, sweet orange or jasmin. Apply to your skin and massage well. Particularly recommended for dry or sun exposed skin.

NAIL CARE Allow to absorb, do not rinse.

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