Azuki Red Bean Powder Scrub

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100% Azuki Red Bean

Origin : Japan

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Chidoriya`s Japanese 100% natural extremely fine Azuki Red Bean Powder Scrub gently buffs away dulling surface flakes, unclogging pores and smoothing your skin`s texture. Azuki Red Bean powder contains SAPONIN, also contains starch, glucide, protein, vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for your skin. It has been used as a face wash in Japan for 1,300 years, and court beauties of ancient Japan would scrub face and body with small silk bags containing Azuki Powder; modern Japanese women use cotton bags or apply directly to the skin. The azuki bean is valued in Japan for its medical properties and its lacquer-red hue; its effectiveness as a beauty treatment is truly time-honored.
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100% Natural Japanese Azuki Red Bean
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Directions for Use: Mix 1/2 Tea spoon of RED BEAN GRAINS and a few drops of warm water in your palm. Apply onto moist face and neck in small circular motions (Avoid eye area). Rinse well with warm water.

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