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Raw Silk Woven Net Wash Cloth

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The Secret to Soft Skin!

Origin : Japan

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This 100% Raw Silk Woven Net Wash Cloth is made in Japan. A gentle exfoliating cloth that is rich in sericin, which helps to soften and smooth your skin each time you use the cloth.

You might feel a slight viscousness the first time you use this towel, which comes from the sericin. Sericin is obtained from silk worms. It is a natural protein which is super rich in “serin” (amino acids), which helps your skin maintain moisture and elasticity.

Gentle enough to be used on a daily basis. The long rectangle shape is well suited for use on the entire body.

Suitable for dry, combination, sensitive and/or mature skin.

Dimensions: 11 x 40 inches.
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Directions for Use: Soak the wash cloth in warm water and gently rub/massage on the skin with soap or even without using soap. Squeeze water out of the wash cloth and hang dry after use. This is for body use.

Please do not exfoliate on the same area for a long time. Wring out soap and water after using, then hang to dry. Use daily, morning and evening.

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