Silk and Rice Bran Soap

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For Dry and Sensitive Skin

Origin : USA

Scent : Silk

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This chidoriya Silk & Rice Bran Facial Soap is made from all natural selected oils and pure silk powder which nurtures skin & helps prevent irritation. Silk & Rice Bran Soap is also combined with KOMENUKA RICE BRAN POWDER, which contains vitamins, minerals, pantothenic acid, and other nutrients to maintain healthy skin. Rice bran`s natural enzyme helps dissolve dead skin & blemishes while retaining moisture. Pure aroma oils will gently maintain your skin`s health and the scent will help to ease and relax both your mind & body.

This traditional poured and cured processed soap is mixed in small batches and aged in a special curing room for nearly a month. This special soapmaking process removes excess alkali from the soap, a major irritant to sensitive skin.

Some ingredients of the Rice bran burn in the hand roasting process so there may be some black dots on the surface or inside of the soap -- this does not affect the quality of this soap.
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Saponified Organic Oil of Palm & Coconut, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Sugar, Lavender oil, Geranium oil, Rosemary oil, Rice bran powder, Palmarosa oil, Maychang oil, Silk powder, Benzoin oil, Cedar wood oil, Nigari, Soy bean extract.
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