Peppermint Ginger Chews

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Origin : USA

Scent : Peppermint

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There`s something about peppermint and ginger that seems as though the two were made for each other. The spiciness of the ginger is perfectly balanced by fresh cool peppermint in Peppermint Chimes. These two simple ingredients surprisingly create an intriguing, complex taste! You feel the iciness of the mint first, and then it gradually gives way to a warm ginger sensation. Cool on the outside, warm on the inside... does this remind you of anyone? Yin and yang. Fire and ice. And now... peppermint and ginger.
Ingredients +
Cane Suger, Maltose, Choice Ginger, Starch, Vegetable Oil, Menthol, Peppermint Oil. No Additives or preservatives.
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