Black Is White - Toothpaste + Toothbrush Set

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Get the Bright Smile You Want!

Origin : Switzerland

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Black Is White whitening toothpaste uses activated carbon to remove discoloration without abrading or bleaching. It`s a safe & cost effective way to get the bright smile you want!

Yes, because most whitening toothpastes contain chemical bleaching agents. Or have emery particles in them: bye-bye enamel. In contrast, Black Is White toothpaste contains activated carbon. So it is black, truly black and, above all, it does not grind the enamel away. Instead, the activated carbon absorbs precisely those particles that cause discoloration, especially tea, coffee, nicotine and red wine.

This unique toothpaste is also formulated with sodium fluoride to guard against tooth decay, and hydroxylapatite, which creates a film over tooth enamel to protect it and fill in small holes.

You`ll love the bold lime & mint flavor. Comes with a limited edition CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush.

No SLS. No triclosan. No bleaching agents. Made in Switzerland.
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