Italian Citrus Eau de Parfum

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The Perfect Refreshment

Origin : USA

Scent : Lemon

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A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus. Rinds of chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon and green mandarin are embedded in the velveteen textures of ambrette seed & clean musk. Androgynous and light bodied, this citrus-musk scent simultaneously relaxes and rejuvenates, a favorite aperitif translated into fragrance. While it’s difficult to differentiate between every individual, tart fruit, the multiplicity of bright flavors in this composition makes for a truly defined rendering of late afternoon light- bouncing off marble, glinting in the flow of a fountain and caressing the inhabitants of a small palazzo.

Cold-pressed, lemon yields up more of its fruity sweetness; the characteristic burn of citric solar power is more easily found in the bitter exterior and sanguine flesh of blood orange; chinotto`s profile is darker and deeper than any citric counterpart herein, lending a honeyed, medicinal tinge to this composition; green mandarin walks a tightrope between searing acidity and candied floral depth. When we encounter the spicy, sparkling brilliancy of violet leaf accompanied by a grey curl of incense, it is as if we have momentarily replaced our ideal digestif with a languorous drag of a cigarette. Copaiba balm is a hint of the careworn, polished interior of the restaurant`s interior, ambrette representing the soft, clean textures of refreshed bodies leaning against the dark bar. Oakmoss strains the high-impact fruits that populate the beginning of this scent, creating the gauzy, golden light that drenches this end-of-day scene.

Whether you`re beginning your evening or starting your day, Italian citrus will lower your blood pressure and raise your spirits, no alcohol consumption required.

(cold pressed lemon, chinotto, blood orange, green mandarin, violet leaf, incense, copaiba balm, musk ambrette, oakmoss)
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alcohol denat., parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), citral, geraniol, evernia prunastri extract, linalool, eugenol
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Disclaimer: D.S. & Durga scents are crafted by hand in small batches using balsams, resins, plant oils, and premium perfume ingredients. Sedimentation is natural.

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