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Mississippi Medicine Pocket Perfume

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Tonic For The Soul

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A perfectly petite pocket perfume with a handy rollerball.

Based on the rituals of the proto death cult of the 1200`s, Mississippi Medicine is eerily attractive. Like the creaky charms of a 200 year old house, Mississippi Medicine cures us of a desire for an original or `new` fragrance: instead, this D.S. & Durga provides the deep satisfaction that comes from exploring old, mysteriously familiar structures.

Masculine with medium body, the first waft of Mississippi Medicine is of a smoky, dry fire. The rich, burnt sweetness of red cedar is seared by the scintillating fizz of aldehydes. Frankincense distillate is both solid and vaporous, a thick resinous cloud that surrounds bitter, tough cypress root, like a film of moss.

Cascarilla bark provides a crumbling, chalk like texture that solidifies the more fugitive elements of this forest-derived fragrance. Yet even as this bark encapsulates the the specter of preceding notes, cascarilla`s entombing potency is exploded by the fruity-herbal cool of Spanish cade and the oozing, black pungency of birch tar. Incense issues from this final action, a quiet signal that this scented journey has reached its conclusion: all elements are released back into the atmosphere, the narrative of this ghostly scent disperse.

Mississippi Medicine is an invisible tonic for the soul, a ghostly fragrance that grounds us, while enhancing our sense of the ethereal.

Top Notes: red cedar, aldehydes, frankincense distillate
Heart Notes: cypress root, black pine, cascarilla bark
Base Notes: incense, spanish cade, birch tar.
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