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Would you love to try Radio Bombay Eau de Parfum? Order a sample and ensure it`s the right fragrance for you. With Smallflower`s convenient sample program, you can experience any number of fragrances, at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle, before you buy.

Samples are hand-poured in-house and presented in a 0.7 ml size (each 1 ml vial is filled 3/4 full for ease of application).

Please note: The color of the fragrance in the sample vial you receive may differ from the image shown.

About Radio Bombay Eau de Parfum:
A transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat. Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, and cedar distillates.

This vivid fragrance communicates a pulsing, rousing rhythm: sandalwood is hot, warmed by the metallic tang of copper, which has a faintly floral flavor, almost akin to rose. Together, sandalwood, copper (and it’s rose-like overtones) are a compelling double act, but when saffron is introduced into the equation, Radio Bombay turns up/becomes electric.

The searing, flame colored sweetness of saffron runs through this composition like tiny wires on fire, singing their surroundings into life. The smoky aftermath of saffron approximates the dulcet smolder of cedar, a dry, dense, ideal contrast to the shimmering poudre of sandalwood.

Sandalwood resurges, a brilliant beam of woody warmth that sandalwood emanates illuminates the darker interior of Radio Bombay, allowing us to see its inner workings. A wonderful surprise awaits herein: iris, who’s opalescent purple smacks of fairy dust, a translation of the invisible, aural magic of the radio. Iris mitigates saffron’s urgency and sandalwood’s vibrant verdancy, engineering a mysterious calm of that recalls the trancelike quality of deep listening.

Still, contrast is afoot: the rich, dimensional fruity boronia recalls a pop in the airwaves, while soprano of freesia communicates a zap of pretty static. Refreshing cassis and balsam fir absolute are enlivening, a dynamic counterpoint to a luxuriant slick of coconut musk. Ambergris’ saline, rosin-like texture is comforting yet unsettling, like a piece of information that whistles through the wires and seems intended especially for you.

Radio Bombay invites us to not only smell but hear, which in turn elicits visualizations. As this scent settles into skin we feel, whether we’re tuning in in our kitchen or out on the road, ready to receive.

(radiant wood, copper, cedar, sandalwood, radiant iris, boronia, balsam fir absolute, coconut musc, ambergris)
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