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Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff (for blemish-prone skin) by Dew Puff (

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Product Description:

DewPuff is made from fiber of an Asian root vegetable called 'Konjac', and water. The beautiful simplicity of this facial sponge is that it contains only two ingredients. For thousands of years, Japanese people have been eating a jelly like food made from this konjac fiber called 'Kon-nyaku'. The dietary fiber made from konjac fiber (which is the main ingredient of kon-nyaku food) has an amazing ability to retain water. This makes konjac fiber an ideal ingredient for moisturizing facial sponges. DewPuff, armed with konjac dietary fiber, is very moisturizing when soaked in water. Gently massaging skin with a moist DewPuff is refreshing and provides a unique exfoliation effect to skin.

Also of note is that the konjac sponge itself is weak in alkaline. When soaked with water and softly applied to the face, the konjac sponge will form a weak alkaline layer of water between the sponge and skin. This layer of weak alkaline water naturalizes acidic substances on the skin and allows them to wash away harmlessly without the use of soap providing a soap-less cleansing benefit. DewPuff is perfect for cleansing infants, for teenagers suffering from acne, and for people of all ages who value an all-natural scrub for the face and other sensitive body parts.

Boulder Trading offers DewPuff in three different colors - White, Black and Asian Clay. The white puff, is the original pure sponge made only from konjac fiber and water. The black puff includes a natural bamboo charcoal powder ingredient which provides extra bacteria fighting power. And lastly the orange colored “Asian Clay” puff, offers natural Asian yellow soil powder known for boosting absorptive power to the puff.

Product Details:

Ingredients: Konjac, bamboo charcoal

UPC: 859970003012


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About Dew Puff:

Dew Puffs are an age-old Asian, beauty secret for modern skincare. Dew Puff sponges are made from the root of the konjac (Konjaku, Elephant Yam or Glucomannan), a plant native to Asia and used for thousands of years in food, and hundreds of years in Japan for beautiful skin. Capitalizing on the increased visibility of Konjac in the U.S., Dew Puff is now available in the U.S!

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Fun to use Straight out of the packaging this puff is hard but when you get it wet it becomes jellylike It feels amazing on the skin Ix27ve used other natural spongesbrushes that have rough spots or just allow you to be too aggressive The dew puff glides easily along the skinWhen I received the puff my skin was stressed from a combination of dry winter weather and testing some new products that were too harsh I was dealing with lots of unevenness and random breakouts The first couple days I used the puff I did without face wash and my skin has calmed down considerably Less redness and a better overall textureI tried it once on my makeup to see how it stacked up and it definitely cannot handle makeup on its own So at night I now use it with a gentle cleanser plus eye makeup removerThis would be perfect for teenagers who are too lazy to care for their skin properly because itx27s fun to use and on its own doesnx27t require rinsing I will likely buy a few more as gifts
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