Florabellio Eau de Toilette

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Origin : France

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Florabellio is an olfactory landscape that surprises and delights at every turn. In the foreground, an invigorating blast of salty sea spray flies high into the air, and evaporates as it drops to earth.

As this fine, reduction of the sea lands on the gritty, sandy ground of the shore, it waters washed up sea fennel, and for a moment reignites the vegetal bitterness that defines this plant. For a moment, it seems we’re heading into the edgy territory of a fragrance full of notes which have been battered and bleached by the elements, but suddenly apple blossom emerges and the focus of Florebellio shifts to the fecund.

Soft and sensual, apple blossom is as bittersweet as a fresh, green almond, but as effervescently pretty as other more lush, indolic blooms. As apple blossom grows, its fragrance (which also imparts the satisfyingly cruciferous snap of green apple) blows into the breeze and we find ourselves refocused on another section of this fragrant landscape.

Like an optical illusion, dark swirls of black and brown, gleaming roasted coffee form a pinwheel mid air with a golden stream of nutty, toasted sesame seeds. Florabellio stands as evidence that sometimes the most unlikely arrangement of elements renders deep contentment. An enticing scent for both men and women, Florabellio is a delectable mystery.

(apple blossom, marine accord, coffee)
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